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Want to know how the turbocharger technology works? Here’s some stuff for you!

Electric Turbocharging Once an exotic technology, turbocharging has become mainstream. Back a few decades ago, turbochargers were expensive and only installed on sports cars and race cars. The reason was pretty simple: to make the vehicle go faster. Today, turbochargers are still used on performance cars but they have become the technology of choice for […]

Chrysler and the Plymouth division: the story is not finished!

Prowling with Plymouth Chrysler’s Plymouth Division has been known for making some really unique cars once in a while. After all, this is the division brought us the outrageous Superbird back in the 70s. Well, in the 1990s, they did it again with the Prowler.  The Prowler was unlike any other car ever made in […]

HEMI’s history: what have you missed?

HEMI History It’s a word most the car people throw around a lot. Even on TV there are commercials that loudly tout “It’s a Hemi!” But what is a hemi, is it a real feature or just a marketing term? As it turns out, It’s both today. Thanks to the Service Department at Kims of […]

What else can we say about the Plymouth Superbird?

It’s a bird, no it’s a Superbird! It was an interesting time back in the mid-1970s. First, the US got a big wakeup call when the Arab oil embargo occurred in 1974. Then, when it was finally over, gas prices skyrocketed to levels that were unheard off just 5 years before. And, to make things […]

How Hood Scoops Work: a short, yet useful guide

How Hood Scoops Work Hood scoops are those bumps you see on the bodies of performance cars with openings that let air in. They are frequently on the hoods of cars, especially on the muscle cars of the 1960s. Have you ever wondered if they provide any real value to the performance of the vehicle […]

Flux Capacitors: here’s some history

Flux Capacitors Have you seen the classic movie Back to the Future? If so, you know what the title of this article is all about. As Michael J. Fox finds out in the movie, it’s an important part of a Delorean automobile; at least one capable of time travel. Back to the Future was a […]

Why Car Buyers Are Willing to Drive Further for A Better Experience

Experience and being treated and met with respect. That is what any car buyer wants in the end, beyond a great deal. But some car buyers are willing to forfeit even the best deal, for a better experience, and are also willing to drive even further than before just to avoid local dealerships they know […]

Learn More About Your Ford F-150’s Coolant System

The coolant system, one of the parts of your truck, that most F-150 owners will forget, neglect or simply overlook. Most of the reason behind this is because when you buy a brand new Ford F-150 from a local Ford dealer such as Four Seasons, you really don’t take the time to consider the coolant […]

Three Best 4×4 Adventures for Summer’s End

Those of you who bought a Jeep or any 4×4 vehicle for the purpose of off-roading, mudding or hitting the endless trails. Then summer is undoubtedly the best time to do so. But there is one issue, summer is quickly coming to an end. There is some good news though, and that is we have […]

From 1930’s European Marque, to North American Uncertainty

The Alfa Romeo was at a point in Europe considered one of the marque makes and models of the entire 1930’s and for a good part of that century. It was never really a vehicle looked at from North America as a valuable option for luxury vehicles. Now the automaker Alfa Romeo with FIAT Chrysler […]