Those of you who bought a Jeep or any 4x4 vehicle for the purpose of off-roading, mudding or hitting the endless trails. Then summer is undoubtedly the best time to do so. But there is one issue, summer is quickly coming to an end.

There is some good news though, and that is we have put together a list of three final Jeep Off-Roading adventures you will have to consider checking out before the fall and winter months come rushing in.

First things first, you need to head to your local Jeep dealer like Lee Chrysler Jeep, or any other local Jeep dealership. Yes, you can roll out with any 4x4 capable vehicle, but Jeep is highly recommended.

1.) Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Michigan, U.S.A

There is a reason that Jeep and other automakers have chosen to use these Sand Dunes in Michigan as their testing grounds before and for the future. Not to mention there is a lot to do beyond just off-roading, including; lodging, kayaking, dining and shopping, as well as number of family activities. So if you are looking for a family weekend getaway, look no further.

2.) Big Horn Mountains | Western U.S.A

If they host an annual Jeep Jamboree at a venue, you have to imagine it is incredibly. The great thing about this venue is that it offers off-roading and mudders a mixed box of challenges. It is an ideal location for anyone looking to get into the lifestyle. Even though it might not have the choices for family based activities, this is still a very family friendly choice.

3.) Right Outside Your Backdoor | Anywhere, U.S.A

Feel like staying around your neck of the woods for the remainder of the summer, well we don’t blame you. Chances are wherever you live in these great United States, you will be able to find a Jeep club, or some local off-roading trails that you can ride on. Just be sure to check with the town, and make sure that you can in fact ride those trails with your 4x4 vehicle, because last thing you need before the kids head back to school is a hefty fine.

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