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AMG team reveals a stunning 1,020hp S-Class machine

S-class remains one of world’s most prominent and luxurious vehicles to date. And the cool part is that there are still numerous tuning studios that continue to use the luxurious model as a base for their engineering projects. The most well-known of which is still AMG team – the studio that exclusively upgrades only Mercedes-Benz […]

Barracuda team reveals new Audi S3 sportscar

Barracuda presents new lightweight rim design with its exclusive Project 3.0, part of the so-called Ultralight series. Characterized by neat Y spoke and eye-catching milled spoke contrours, the lucky Audi S3 drom 8P series showcaes magnificent stance and menacing silhouette, that is greatly enhanced by the whel design. Blended with supermodel Sabrina Doberstein of fashion […]

Tiguan takes home prestigious award

Volkswagen of America, Inc. announces that the latest Tiguan has been named Best New SUV for teens. As you might know, we have recently published an article in which other brand has reached such recognition too. Although the question how two different vehicles can be recognized as “best” simultaneously remains, we head to reviewing what […]

Jaguar reveals new Classic Concept vehicle. Check it out!

By following the overwhelming positive feedback from the original Jaguar E-Type electric vehicle, the team has decided to make a second strike – by combining restoration expertise and cutting-edge technologies from the I-PACE lineup, Jaguar Classic will offer tailor-made E-types restored and converted at the Classic Works facility. The E-Type Zero concept looks similar to […]

The 2018 Dodge Charger Is A Real Muscle Car

Ah, just like the old days. Well, sort of, anyway. The good old days obvious means something different to almost everyone depending on when they grew up. What we mean by the good old days is the 1960s and 70s when muscle cars were really big and almost all the major automakers jumped on the […]

Let’s talk about Dodge Viper, shall we?

Flashback: The Lil’ Red Express Truck Sometimes car manufacturers make special model vehicles to make particular statements. Take the Dodge Viper sports car, for example. This V-10 powered beast was specifically designed to inject a little pizzazz back into the Dodge brand. The first models were built in the early 90s and the concept worked […]

Have you ever wondered how fuel injection systems work? We will show you!

How Fuel Injection Systems Work In the old days, car engines used carburetors to vaporize the fuel going into an engine.  This method worked out fine for half a century but during the 1950s automobile manufacturers started experimenting with injecting gasoline directly into engines.  This would allow engineers to deliver fuel more precisely into the […]

Cuban Cigars? Why not Cuban automobiles!?

The Vintage Cars of Cuba – you don’t want one The roads in Cuba are just packed with classic American cars.  Take a look at photos of the streets of Havana and you will see classic America cars everywhere. Why is this? Since Cuba has effectively been isolated from the west for over 50 years, […]

Bellt Tank Racers: what can we say about them?

Belly Tank Racers Have you ever seen those old pictures of curious, low-slung hotrods with aluminum, torpedo-shaped bodies?  These are called “Belly Tank Racers” and they were built to break speed records in the car-crazy 1940s-50s. The body of these hotrods came from aluminum drop tanks, or “belly tanks”, that were common on WWII aircraft. […]

Nitrous Oxide: the adrenaline your vehicle desires!

Doing Nitrous If you like fast cars you undoubtedly have heard about Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous systems are a way to dramatically boost the horsepower of engines.  They are not for standard street cars, however, because they can be dangerous. That being said, enthusiasts still install them on all sorts of cars and if you’ve wondered […]