By following the overwhelming positive feedback from the original Jaguar E-Type electric vehicle, the team has decided to make a second strike – by combining restoration expertise and cutting-edge technologies from the I-PACE lineup, Jaguar Classic will offer tailor-made E-types restored and converted at the Classic Works facility.

The E-Type Zero concept looks similar to an E-Type and also offers refined and clean performance. And by offering 170 miles run with a single charger, the vehicle becomes even more appealing. Geared with a 40kWh battery that can be recharged in six hours, the vehicle looks agile and ready for adventures!

In terms of technologies and contemporary features, the vehicle also offers modified instrumentation and fascia with new touchscreen infotainment system, efficient LED headlights and a prominent Series 1 design. However, there are some things that haven’ changed that much from the base model – for example, the drivetrain structure has remained untouched. The petrol engine and gearbox, along with suspension system and brakes haven’t changed that much. As it seems, sometimes to innovate means to have the strength to remain the same.

The car will make its debut at the Quail: A Motorsport Gathering event on Friday, 24 August.