Experience and being treated and met with respect. That is what any car buyer wants in the end, beyond a great deal. But some car buyers are willing to forfeit even the best deal, for a better experience, and are also willing to drive even further than before just to avoid local dealerships they know have a bad history.

It shouldn’t be hard for a car dealership to be successful and liked. Why you ask? Well that is because car dealers have a product that almost everyone needs. It is a necessity, so people by default are going to come to you. What you can switch as a car dealer is how you “deal” with your customers.

One car dealership, Hillview Motors in Greensburg PA is a perfect example of a dealership that understands this simple formula. They are beloved in their area and it shows in their Google Plus reviews.

It was great finding a dealership and salesman that makes the buying experience easy and enjoyable. Doug Menhorn instilled confidence that we were getting the absolute best price on our new truck as well as the best value for our trade-in. After being extremely dissatisfied with the dealers in my area (Maryland) the 4 hour trip to Hillview made it all worth the extra time and drive. If you need a car, this is where you need to go. – Google Review

That is one of their most recent reviews. This is exactly what we are talking about, and this is what a number of studies out there are finding. Car buyers know they need a car, but what car dealers don’t understand is, those same car buyers don’t need to shop with them. The number one thing a car dealer can do, beyond offering competitive pricing, is a beyond average experience.

Car buyers are willing to drive as far as this one individual has, maybe not as often, but it is becoming a far more regular occurrence than it has in years past. The number one way to acquire new customers for a car dealership? It is your reviews and reputation.

Image Source: driving.ca