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Spy Photos Leak of 2018 RAM 1500

It is always very interesting to find reputable sources that do their hard work to find when and where they might be able to find us some valuable photos and information on future makes and models. In this instance we have the all-new 2018 RAM pickup truck, which is a 1500 MULE model that is […]

BMW 5 Series to Introduce 3d View Camera

Up until this point BMW has been very cautious about what it leaks and doesn’t leak about their all-new 5-series model, and the features that accompany it. Instead of talking about the 5-series designs, engine, power and performance, BMW has been more interested in mentioning or hinting at the vehicles technologies and other similar features. […]

5 Ways Modern Car Engines Differ from Older Car Engines

Compared to other technologies, it seems like car engines haven’t really changed much over the years. The engine in a Model A Ford has plenty in common with the engine in a 2016 Jeep. The same principle still applies: The air and fuel are combusted to create the rotational force that moves a car. But […]

Make your own 3D automobile parts

The future has arrived! Now you can made parts for your car via 3D printing and you don’t even have to own a 3D printer. Of course, you still design the part but, instead of printing it yourself, you ship the design off to a professional 3D printing company.  Just imagine how useful this will […]

Repo Trucks

Just about everyone knows that when you finance a truck or car on credit that you generally pay off that debt via monthly payments. You probably also know that the bank or financial institution that loaned the money has done so under certain conditions – like the monthly payments need to be paid on time.  […]

Chrysler and the 1979 Bailout

Back in the late 1960s, Chrysler began a number of bold initiatives in an attempt to catch their chief competitors: General Motors and Ford. Unfortunately, a number of financial and economic factors came into play that disrupted plans. By the time the 1970s came to a close, Chrysler was on the verge of bankruptcy. To […]

The History of FIAT

This diminutive little Italian car seems to be zipping around just about every country in the world.  FIATs are great cars and have a long distinguished history that actually goes back to the late 1800s. Let’s take a look at this unusual company and see how far they have come since their humble beginnings. FIAT […]

The Different Types of Car Transmissions

Originally, all cars had manual transmissions and you had to learn how to operate a clutch and gearshift in order to drive. Today, there are many more options for you to choose from. In this article, we will discuss the basic types of transmissions so you have a good idea of what to look for […]

The History of the Chrysler C-300

In 1955, Chrysler built a car that was considered one of the first muscle cars. It was called the C-300 because its 331 cu. in. hemi engine developed a true 300HP.  It was the first American car to do so. The C-300s were limited edition cars performance cars.  They were offered only a select number […]

Four Car Designs that Illustrated the Times

The styling of American automobiles typically reflect the eras they were designed in. For example, the rounded fenders and bodies of the 1940s cars were a sharp contrast to the angular features of the 1930s cars.  The heavily chromed grills and elevated tail fins of the 1950s cars reflected the fascination that America was developing […]