It is always very interesting to find reputable sources that do their hard work to find when and where they might be able to find us some valuable photos and information on future makes and models. In this instance we have the all-new 2018 RAM pickup truck, which is a 1500 MULE model that is going to likely be shown off at future auto shows.

Right away just from looking at the photos, it appears the truck is having some minor redesigns, at least to the front end, and looks a bit finer lined than the recent RAM models, which you can see at dealers like Dutchess RAM.

Truck Trend talks about some of the major redesign changes expected in their brief spy article. “The Ram Truck models received a significant mid-cycle refresh in 2013, and now it’s time for the trucks to get a full ground-up redesign for the 2018 model year”.


Here is a quick list of 2018 RAM truck changes:


  • Truck now has 6-lugs instead of the regular 5-lugs we are used to seeing on their wheels.
  • Belief is the cab is expected to be even larger than ever before, which will offer passengers in the back seats a ton more leg room.
  • Very possible the RAM truck EcoDiesel engine will carry over, but we could expect a plug-in hybrid option (yes mind blowing).

Those are just a few of the major changes we can expect, but of course there is the overall redesign change, which from the initial spy photos, seems very present and clear. RAM trucks have always been very bold and bigger, but they appear to have made some design changes to make the truck appear finer and to the point.