Up until this point BMW has been very cautious about what it leaks and doesn’t leak about their all-new 5-series model, and the features that accompany it.

Instead of talking about the 5-series designs, engine, power and performance, BMW has been more interested in mentioning or hinting at the vehicles technologies and other similar features. Such a feature they recently hinted at was the Remote 3D View, which allows car drivers to get a full perspective of their car on their own smartphones. And in typical BMW fashion—that is all we received for news on that feature to date.

Speculating about the 3d View System

As much as we know about the system so far, is that it works like the current in-car Surround view, which gives car owners a 360-degree bird’s eye view of their vehicle on the dashboard. This system is now just being improved and coded to where it will now allow car owners to have the same view, and another functionality from their smartphone.

For more information on the current Surround View System: BMW of Oyster Bay- Long Island

The true value of the 3D Remote system is still an utter mystery, but that isn’t a complete surprise, because BMW has made the 5-Series up to this point a complete mystery as well. They plan to announce and show off the new model at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Image Source: autoblog.com