The Alfa Romeo was at a point in Europe considered one of the marque makes and models of the entire 1930’s and for a good part of that century. It was never really a vehicle looked at from North America as a valuable option for luxury vehicles.

Now the automaker Alfa Romeo with FIAT Chrysler are looking to introduce the brand into North America, in hopes that the timing might be right, and car buyers might be interested in the European twist.

Let us take a step backwards to understand the European value of the Alfa Romeo. First let us look at the 8C 2900, which was a featured vehicle in the 30’s. Not only did it showcase great luxury, it also had an incredibly powerful engine, a supercharged eight-cylinder.

Why the Alfa Romeo never really was an attractive choice in North America back then was because like the 2900 model, it was designed solely for a very well off client base. It was super luxury to a degree, and in North America which is run by brands like Ford, GM, it was hard to imagine such a luxury vehicle ever doing well in a country at the time that was very blue collar.

Now jump forward to 2016. Yes, we still have a lot of blue collared Americans, but there is also a lot more individuals who are well off then there was in the 1930’s, a period which was plagued by the Great Depression and prohibition. So what Alfa Romeo is recognizing that there is now actually an audience, a true customer base that can afford the vehicles, but also are very interested in the European traits.

So where can people buy the Alfa Romeo in North America?

Well there are number of dealerships popping up, like Brown’s Alfa Romeo in New York. It would be best to simple search for a local Alfa Romeo dealer to see if there is one by you, and if not, chances are there will be one near your metropolitan area sooner than later.

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