The coolant system, one of the parts of your truck, that most F-150 owners will forget, neglect or simply overlook. Most of the reason behind this is because when you buy a brand new Ford F-150 from a local Ford dealer such as Four Seasons, you really don’t take the time to consider the coolant system, and when it is time to check the system, you more than likely will forget.

As the miles begin to stack up on your once new Ford F-150 pickup truck, things do tend to ware and tare. In this short article we will explain the importance of the coolant system for your Ford truck, and what you can do to improve the longevity of your pickup.

Understanding the basics of a truck’s coolant system

The simple explanation is; the truck’s coolant system is designed to release the excess heat that is being generated from the engines operation. Without it the vehicle would overheat, but it does much more than that. It takes that energy and heat and transfers it to the radiator where it is then sent outwards from the vehicle.

What you should know as a truck owner in regards to your Coolant System

The number one variable when considering your Ford truck’s coolant system, and how long it will last, is the frequency in which you have your truck regularly services. This is more than just checking your vehicles oil. This is checking your fluids, flushing fluids, replacing tires, etc. There is a lot of maintenance involved with owning a vehicle, you don’t just buy a truck and expect it to last 5-10 years without some regular maintenance.

So what are the signs?

As a truck owner the obvious signs you should be familiar with are usually dashboard signals, but you should also be weary of irregular sounds. But in regards to your coolant system you need to watch for is the temperature gauge on the dash. If that is rising towards the high red zone, and not resting easy in the middle, you know very well that your truck’s coolant system is in immediate need of service.

The coolant systems in today’s vehicles are a lot more durable and efficient. They need less maintenance than older models. Also most car dealers offer regular maintenance along with the purchase of your truck, so as long as you stick to that schedule you shouldn’t have any issues.

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