Let's talk about Dodge Viper, shall we?

Flashback: The Lil' Red Express TruckSometimes car manufacturers make special mo
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New 5.5-liter AMG V8 engine with AMG Cylinder Management and ECO stop/start.

Have you ever wondered how fuel injection systems work? We will show you!

How Fuel Injection Systems WorkIn the old days, car engines used carburetors to
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Cuban Cigars? Why not Cuban automobiles!?

The Vintage Cars of Cuba – you don’t want oneThe roads in Cuba are just pack
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Bellt Tank Racers: what can we say about them?

Belly Tank RacersHave you ever seen those old pictures of curious, low-slung hot
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Nitrous Oxide: the adrenaline your vehicle desires!

Doing NitrousIf you like fast cars you undoubtedly have heard about Nitrous Oxid
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Want to know how the turbocharger technology works? Here's some stuff for you!

Electric Turbocharging Once an exotic technology, turbocharging has become mains
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Chrysler and the Plymouth division: the story is not finished!

Prowling with PlymouthChrysler’s Plymouth Division has been known for making s
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HEMI's history: what have you missed?

HEMI HistoryIt’s a word most the car people throw around a lot. Even on TV the
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Gran Turismo 6

What else can we say about the Plymouth Superbird?

It’s a bird, no it’s a Superbird!It was an interesting time back in the mid-
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How Hood Scoops Work: a short, yet useful guide

How Hood Scoops WorkHood scoops are those bumps you see on the bodies of perform
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Flux Capacitors: here's some history

Flux CapacitorsHave you seen the classic movie Back to the Future? If so, you kn
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car inspection

Why Car Buyers Are Willing to Drive Further for A Better Experience

Experience and being treated and met with respect. That is what any car buyer wa
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