5 Ways Modern Car Engines Differ from Older Car Engines

Compared to other technologies, it seems like car engines haven't really changed
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Make your own 3D automobile parts

The future has arrived! Now you can made parts for your car via 3D printing and
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Repo Trucks

Just about everyone knows that when you finance a truck or car on credit that yo
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Chrysler and the 1979 Bailout

Back in the late 1960s, Chrysler began a number of bold initiatives in an attemp
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The History of FIAT

This diminutive little Italian car seems to be zipping around just about every c
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The Different Types of Car Transmissions

Originally, all cars had manual transmissions and you had to learn how to operat
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The History of the Chrysler C-300

In 1955, Chrysler built a car that was considered one of the first muscle cars.
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Four Car Designs that Illustrated the Times

The styling of American automobiles typically reflect the eras they were designe
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Packard Motor Car Company

The history of AC

Virtually every car today has air conditioning (AC) in it. However, there was a
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The Tucker Automobile Company

Not many cars were ever built that captured the public’s imagination quite lik
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The Real Reason the Dodge Charger Daytona’s Wing was so Tall.

One of the wildest vehicles to ever come out of Detroit was the Dodge Charger Da
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The British MINI

European cars have always been small and fuel efficient.  This is because in Eu
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