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Let’s talk about Alfa Romeo’s fancy history, shall we?

ALFA ROMEO HISTORY Do you remember the movie “The Graduate”? Many of us most likely were either too young or not even born yet when that classic film came out in 1967. Dustin Hoffman was the lead actor and the movie made him a star. It also made the Italian sports car the Alfa Romeo […]

Name origins: Alfa Romeo

How did Alfa Romeo name come to life? Have you ever wondered why Alfa Romeo cars are named Alfa Romeo? Yes, I’m sure you’ve always thought about that but you just didn’t have the time to look it up yourself. Well, we’re glad to be able to assist you in your research. Alfa began as […]

So, what is so special with the history of Dodge Charger?

Looking Back at the Charger’s Storied History You don’t have to ask yourself why you’re looking at muscle cars. It’s your right as an American to own a muscle car and to drive it wherever you want. Since you’ve wanted one since you were a kid, looking at the 2017 Dodge Charger is only you […]

Why do we all love the new Kia Optima?

Everything You Need to Know About Kia Optima Hey, how about those Kias! Yes, exactly. One of the bestselling Kias in the United States is the Optima and it is built in Kia’s West Point, Georgia plant. It’s beautifully designed and has a futuristic aerodynamic exterior for smooth and quiet rides. The interior is luxurious […]

What else should you know about driving a muscle vehicle?

Drive a Muscle Car, You May Just Surprise Yourself Have you ever wanted to sit behind the wheel of a real muscle car? Who hasn’t? The 2017 Dodge Charger is one of those muscle cars that allows the thrill of racing while delivering all the comfort of a luxury car. Getting behind the wheel of […]

So, how does it feel to drive the new 2017 Dodge Charger?

2017 Dodge Challenger Test Drive & Review We test drove the 2017 Dodge Challenger the other day and we weren’t surprised at all. Of course we weren’t surprised – we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed because it was a Dodge. We also knew what to expect from that great muscle car, the Challenger and we […]

You need help with repairing your vehicle? Here are some handy tips!

5 Old School Car Repair Tricks The technology in today’s cars is a far cry from the cars of just a few decades ago. Back before microprocessors were developed (late 1960s) cars were simple affairs made of metal, plastic and rubber. You might say that’s when cars were “analog.” Today cars are “digital” and are […]

Are there any unconventional automobile tuners? Yes, there are!

Small Automakers that Challenge the Status Quo Yes, the big guys, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Honda, and Toyota, rule the roost, but there is a world of smaller manufacturers designing and building specialty cars. The cars that they make, generally speaking, are not for the mainstream. Most are either unique sports cars or cars designed for […]