5 Old School Car Repair Tricks

The technology in today’s cars is a far cry from the cars of just a few decades ago. Back before microprocessors were developed (late 1960s) cars were simple affairs made of metal, plastic and rubber. You might say that’s when cars were “analog.” Today cars are “digital” and are far more complex than anything the old school mechanic had to do with. From electronic control modules (ECM) to engine diagnostic scanners (OBD-2), the modern mechanic is becoming part electrical technician as well as someone who repairs mechanical systems.

But some of the technology in your car hasn’t changed since the early days and, as a result, some of the old time maintenance techniques still apply. We guess you could call these old school tricks because they don’t specifically reflect the actual manufacturers advice, they reflect what the old school mechanics believe. Here’s five old school tricks that your dad or granddad would recognize as being “good advice.” Just a word of caution, according to Lustine Toyota of Woodbridge, a local Toyota dealer in Woodbridge, VA, some of these procedure are best done by a trained mechanic.

The string alignment trick

You undoubtedly know that front end alignment makes your car drive smoother and your tires wear longer. And that it requires a huge device alignment machine that you drive your car on to properly adjust things. Well, actually it doesn’t. You can literally measure the front end alignment of your car with a ruler, some string and a plumb bob. This