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Be Honest about Your Car When Asking for Jeep Insurance Quotes


You have to be completely honest when providing details if you want to get accurate Jeep insurance quotes. If the website asks you what you use the car for then you must provide the complete details. If you use the car for business purposes then you must tell them that.

There is no point in lying at any time during the questionnaire because you won’t get accurate Jeep insurance quotes if you do that. If you lie any time during the survey then you are just wasting your time. You must tell the truth because if you don’t then the only person you are fooling is yourself. You will end up getting the wrong quotes even if you failed to answer one question.

How to get cheap car insurance for the over 50s


When you join the over 50′s crowd, your car insurance premiums are likely to go down. Insurance companies calculate policy prices by determining the risk of each driver. When you get older, you are considered to be less of a risk, giving you more affordable options to choose from.

However, if you do a few things, it may be possible for you to see even better reductions. If you are really keen on squeezing every last penny out of your next policy, there are a few things you can do.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: The Best Or Just a Rip Off?


When it comes to protecting your car, you want the best car insurance that money can buy; or do you?  While having car insurance is generally legally required in most regions, motor insurance companies can make additional profits by offering more extensive insurance packages to their drivers.  These insurance packages may include various benefits apart from car accident repairs, such as roadside assistance or routine car maintenance.  This is obviously a direct contrast to very basic packages, such as with liability coverage, which will only cover the cost of a third party’s repairs should the insured driver get into a car accident.

Comprehensive car insurance is quite the opposite. This type of insurance can cover other motor related matters, such as repairs in the case of an “act of God.” If you have housing insurance, you may already know what an “act of God” is, but essentially it is a natural disaster that cannot otherwise be predicted.

Honda Reveals New Car


The Honda Micro Commuter, released in November 2012 is set to challenge the only other 100% electric urban compact two-seater, the Twizy by rival car manufacturer Renault.  Its official title is ‘micro size, short distance, EV commuter’.

The car is lightweight, sleek and state of the art. It measures at just 2.5m long, 1.25m wide and 1.45m high. It runs on a rear-mounted electric motor with a 15kW lithium-ion battery. The Micro Commuter has an approximate range of 37 miles and maximum speed of 50mph.

What You Should Know about Car Insurance before Buying Your Car


As a rule of thumb, consumers should include the cost of insurance in their auto-buying budget since it’s such a vital aspect of owning a car. Many people may not realize that they should buy the insurance before buying the car.

It’s an even lesser known fact, that buying insurance online is where the biggest discounts are. But before you buy car insurance on or some other website, check out some insurance comparison websites and keep in mind these important items: