When it comes to protecting your car, you want the best car insurance that money can buy; or do you?  While having car insurance is generally legally required in most regions, motor insurance companies can make additional profits by offering more extensive insurance packages to their drivers.  These insurance packages may include various benefits apart from car accident repairs, such as roadside assistance or routine car maintenance.  This is obviously a direct contrast to very basic packages, such as with liability coverage, which will only cover the cost of a third party’s repairs should the insured driver get into a car accident.

Comprehensive car insurance is quite the opposite. This type of insurance can cover other motor related matters, such as repairs in the case of an “act of God.” If you have housing insurance, you may already know what an “act of God” is, but essentially it is a natural disaster that cannot otherwise be predicted.

Let’s say you live in a more rural area where there are dirt roads. If it storms, flooding, mud slides, or even a power line crashing and taking down some trees with it could smash your car to bits.  Comprehensive car insurance would cover the cost of any repairs to your vehicle, or the valued cost of the car in the event that it is totaled.

Such car insurance can also be useful in the event of a crime, such as a car jacking.  Having a simpler insurance plan may not cover a driver’s expenses in such an occurrence.  Drivers in urban environments with high instances of crime should strongly consider getting a more robust insurance plan.

Such plans can certainly be more expensive in the short term, but when disaster strikes, you may be thankful to have opted for the more extensive plan.  Look for the best deals on insurance online with a search engine that will quickly compare all of the available rates at one time.