When you join the over 50's crowd, your car insurance premiums are likely to go down. Insurance companies calculate policy prices by determining the risk of each driver. When you get older, you are considered to be less of a risk, giving you more affordable options to choose from.

However, if you do a few things, it may be possible for you to see even better reductions. If you are really keen on squeezing every last penny out of your next policy, there are a few things you can do.

1. Choose specialist companies

This one is pretty obvious and should help you save even more cash. While general insurers will offer cheaper deals when you hit your half century, specialist insurers may be able to do even better for you. A basic internet search will point a spotlight on some of the best over 50's insurers around, so try it out.

2. Buy online

If you have been buying insurance for some time, you may be aware that buying online generally presents you with cheaper deals. Online quotes are often up to 10%, or even 20%, cheaper, so it's worth purchasing your quote through the insurers’ website. You can also take advantage of price comparison sites to help you find the best available deals and online discounts.

3. Insure all drivers on the same policy

If you are middle-aged then you may well have kids, right? When they get to a certain age they're going to be constantly pestering you about getting behind the wheel. If they aren't going to pay for their own insurance, don't go out and buy them a separate policy. Instead, get them added onto yours. Doing so will bring down your overall costs.

4. Get your no-claims bonus

Regardless of what age you are, a no-claims bonus will help you make significant savings. If you go 5 consecutive years without actually making a claim, you'll find that your policy costs go down by up to 50%. That's a huge saving, no matter how cheap your policy already is, so make sure that you protect that bonus, unless you really have to make a claim. If you do take a bump, consider the costs of repairing your vehicle yourself. It might be worth it if it keeps you NCB intact.

5. Reduce the vehicles risk

One part of car insurance risk involves looking at the risk of the vehicle, not just the driver. One element of this is making sure that your car has cheap parts. When you make a claim and the insurer has to cover the repairs of expensive parts, the costs add up. If the parts are cheap to repair, your insurance will go down. Moreover, always protect your car against theft. If your car is 'theft-proof', then this will also help you reduce the risk of the vehicle. So, make sure it has all of the necessary safety features installed, and try to park it in a secure location, if possible.

Over 50 car insurance is generally low, but there is no harm in taking action to secure further reductions. These simple tips should help you to shave a little bit more off your yearly bill, so take advantage of them, if you can.