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BMW Eyes China and is Honored at Telematics Awards


Since it overtook the United States in 2009, the world’s largest car market is being eyed by every automaker in the world and BMW is no exception. BMW recently announced that it expects to see China become its leading market for the sale of its vehicles by the end of this year.

Many analysts see China as continuing its dominance well through the decade with sales projections envisioning 30 million vehicles a year being sold there by 2020. There were about 80 million vehicles in China in 2009. Today, in 2013, that number had exploded to over 200 million.

Advantages of Buying a New BMW Car


Cars are things needed by people everyday and they use them in several ways such as for personal use, for family and for fun. People have different preference when buying cars for there are those who want brand new cars and there are those who are comfortable having used cars. This article will cite the advantages of buying new cars especially brand new BMW cars to understand why a few people would prefer buying them instead of buying used cars. A brief comparison of the brand new cars and the used cars will also be cited here.

2013 BMW 7 –Series – Leads In Engineering and Technology


BMW like any reputable auto-manufacturer is keeping up with all the motoring trends of 2013 with it’s the 7-Series sedans, and has refreshed its latest range extensively/

Exterior of the 2013 BMW – 7 Series

Mustang Boss 302 beats Ferrari, R8, M3, Porsche & DBS Test Laguna Seca


Mustang Boss 302 beats Ferrari, R8, M3, Porsche & DBS Test Laguna Seca - Muscle Cars BlogFord Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca – better braking performance than Porsche 991, faster than Aston Martin DBS, Audi R8, Ferrari California, BMW M3 in Hockenheim. Acceleration, Drifting and fast lap in Hockenheim with sport auto’s testdriver Christian Gebhardt. More about the muscle car in sport auto 1/2012. Watch the video on Read more!

Car Battle – The game for car enthusiasts


Car Battle - The game for car enthusiasts - Muscle Cars BlogHello again, guys, we are sorry for not being able to post all the time, but now here we come with great news. Yes, we are muscle cars blog, we post press releases if any, write own posts, publish videos, etc., but we also try to have another kind of fun – a friend of us found a very cool car battle Internet game.

We’re all about cars! You’ll find here the rarest expensive exotic cars as well as cheap ones, cars with beautiful and controversial designs, the latest state-of-the-art prototypes, and even some models that rolled off the production lines decades ago. Oh, believe me – we adore such cars.

You will be able to race with Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, Ferrari 599 GTO, Mercedes SLS AMG, and many many many more! You can also collect cars – the database is expanding as large as you can’t imagine, trade cars, take jobs, earn money, gain respect and experience – this is what the real street racer lives for.