Hello again, guys, we are sorry for not being able to post all the time, but now here we come with great news. Yes, we are muscle cars blog, we post press releases if any, write own posts, publish videos, etc., but we also try to have another kind of fun - a friend of us found a very cool car battle Internet game. We're all about cars! You'll find here the rarest expensive exotic cars as well as cheap ones, cars with beautiful and controversial designs, the latest state-of-the-art prototypes, and even some models that rolled off the production lines decades ago. Oh, believe me - we adore such cars. You will be able to race with Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, Ferrari 599 GTO, Mercedes SLS AMG, and many many many more! You can also collect cars - the database is expanding as large as you can't imagine, trade cars, take jobs, earn money, gain respect and experience - this is what the real street racer lives for. The races or battles is the funniest way to acquire money and experience, that allows you to obtain new cars. All you have to do is to select an opponent, then the system comes and randomly draws a car from your garage. Next up comes the guess factor (and probably the trickiest part) - guess 3 attributes of your ladder that you think are worse than yours and see if you win two of three. Another way of unlocking cars is to take jobs or win auctions but we leave this one for you - we don't take jobs, we race, do we? Have fun and don't forget that street racing is dangerous and we don't support this kind of activity, stay safe.  

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