What Sounds Better in Your Car: Wired or Wireless Audio

If you are an audio enthusiast, you’ve probably heard that Bluetooth wireless audio isn’t quite as good as hardwired digital audio. In other words, if you play a song on your car’s infotainment system by connecting your smartphone to a USB port, it will sound better than if you “Bluetooth it.” As it turns out, […]

Gift Ideas for Muscle Car Fans

Muscle cars are great. There is something really special about them. Usually, once you have owned one you are hooked for life. If you are looking for a present for a muscle car owner or fan this is very good news, because it makes it really easy for you to buy a great gift for […]

5 Reasons To Invest In A Scooter

While most people think of motorcycles as the premiere way to get around on two wheels, the fact is that scooters are making waves due to their low entry of mastery and chic styling. While most people can be intimidated by a motorcycle, a scooter is something fun and easy to ride. If you’re looking […]

How can a Dodge Viper become even more appealing?

The Full Body of Work: Dodge Viper Is the Dodge Viper the coolest car in the whole world or what? We think it is! And it’s in its last year of production so we just won’t see this beautiful handcrafted car rolling off the Dodge line ever again. The Viper sports car first came out […]

Here are some interesting facts about Chrysler Corporation

How Chrysler Corporation Has Helped to Shape The Industry We were looking at a list of automobile manufacturers that existed in the early 1900s and there were just too many to count. We stopped at fifteen hundred but the list kept going and we knew when to get out of a sticky situation. Obviously, most […]

Who is Charles Kettering and Why He is Prominent in the World of Automobiles

Charles Kettering – Automotive Pioneer Here’s a historic name you don’t hear very often: Charles Kettering. Kettering was the genius behind some of the most significant advances in automotive engineering. Things such as the ignition systems, starter motors and even Freon gas are all attributable to Charles Kettering He was also the founder of  DELCO […]

Curious Facts about the Maybach-Daimler Collaboration

The Demise of Maybach Opens the Door for Genesis It started with an engine. In 1885, two German engineers, Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler, co-developed one of the first four-stroke, internal combustion engines. Both men were interested in motorized transportation and soon had their engine mounted on a standard bicycle. Technically speaking, this was the […]

Here’s Something Interesting About Vehicle Tires!

Rubber from Dandelions As you are probably aware, rubber is a key component of tires. What you may not know, however, is that there are two types of rubber used in tire manufacturing. The first is synthetic rubber, a type of rubber that is made from petroleum. It comprises about 70% of the rubber in […]

The History of Diesel Engines: Surprising Facts You Might Have Missed

The Tumultuous History of the Diesel Engine By now, just about everyone knows about the Volkswagen “diesel scandal.” For those who don’t, Volkswagen recently got involved in a high-profile automotive scandal when it was discovered that they had fudged the software in their diesel powered cars so that they would meet emission requirements. This was […]

Here are some things you might have missed within Chrysler history!

THE LEGEND THAT WAS WALTER Walter Chrysler, the man, the myth, the legend. Most of the time that phrase is over used and it is usually meant as a joke or to parody someone. But Walter Chrysler was an extraordinary man, so we will let the phrase stand as a serious opening to his story.The […]