Gift Ideas for Muscle Car Fans

Posted on 22 May, 2017

Muscle cars are great. There is something really special about them. Usually, once you have owned one you are hooked for life.

If you are looking for a present for a muscle car owner or fan this is very good news, because it makes it really easy for you to buy a great gift for them. Read on and you will see what we mean.

Racing tickets

Most muscle car fans love speed, so the majority of them are heavily into motor racing. Therefore, tickets to motor racing events are often welcome. You just need to be careful to buy them for the right type of race meeting to make sure that they enjoy your gift. Someone who loves Indy racing may not enjoy a NASCAR event.

Track days

There really is nothing like taking your car around the track and blowing away the cobwebs. A track day is an excellent gift, but they get busy, so you have to book well in advance.

Club membership

For most makes and models of muscle car there is some sort of fan or owner’s club. Most charge a membership fee, so you could offer to pay that bill.

Usually membership represents great value for money. The club will often get great discounts from local garages for their members, and they usually know where to get parts. They also arrange special events, including trips to car shows and often set up track days and driving tours for their members to enjoy.

Practical gifts

Running a muscle car is rarely cheap. They take a lot of looking after, and even when they are running smoothly there is always something extra you want to add to make your vehicle even more special.

Workshop vouchers and other ideas

For that reason, vouchers for their favorite accessories retailer or local workshop are always welcome. If you know the person you are buying for is going to be upgrading their vehicle soon offering to pay for them to list their car somewhere good like, can be a great idea.

The fact that the vehicle they are selling is likely to be valuable, and relatively rare means that they will need to list it on a website that gets plenty of buyer activity. If you are selling something unique the bigger the pool of potential buyers is, the better.

Offering to tax or insure the vehicle can also be a good idea. This is particularly the case for younger muscle car owners, who typically have to pay a lot for their insurance policy.

Fun gifts

Some of the above gifts are quite expensive, so may not be suitable if you are on a tight budget, or cannot buy as part of a group. Fortunately, there are lots of cheaper alternatives. Great examples include themed t-shirts, caps and other items like cups and mouse mats. These are all widely available online, and if you cannot find exactly what you want there is always the option to have something custom printed.