Maintenance Tips for Old Cars: Here are Some Fresh Advices

Vehicles are built a lot better in the last 20 years than they have been in prior decades. The result: people are holding on to their old cars longer than ever. This is likely due for a number of reasons but the point is that with proper maintenance, you can hold onto an old car […]

Emission Test Myths: These That You Know and These That You Don’t

In most states, a vehicle’s exhaust emissions is checked every year during the annual inspection period. Unfortunately, lots of cars fail these tests and that’s awfully annoying because if your car doesn’t “pass inspection,” you can’t legally drive it. Possibly because of how important it is to pass the annual emissions test, all sorts of […]

Automatic Transmission Fluid Changing Intervals

Most car owners know that the transmission fluid in their car needs to be changed periodically but they often forget to do it. If you have your car serviced by a dealer, this is unlikely to happen because the mechanics there know all the change intervals and will suggest that it be done at the […]

What Is That Fluid Leaking Under My Car?

There are a variety of different fluids used in today’s cars and trucks. You have engine oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, windshield-washing solution, brake fluid and others. While automotive engineers work hard to design their vehicles to keep these fluids “contained,” we all know that sometimes they end up on the garage floor. And what’s […]

Keep Rodents Out of Your Vehicle

Every year mice, chipmunks, and other critters crawl into cars and trucks and cause millions of dollars in damage; the destruction can range from chewed wires and broken hoses to nests inside the motor, trunk and interior compartments. It may have never happened to you but if you ask any mechanic about this sort of […]

There’s water in my car, What should I do?

If you have water getting into your car, you need to deal with it as soon as you can. Water that remains too long in a car’s passenger compartment can grow mold and soon start to smell bad. And, i it lands on wiring under the dash or under the hood, it can be a […]

I Hit a Dog with My Car, What Do I Do Now?

I Hit a Dog with My Car, What Do I Do Now? It may have happened to you. You are driving along in your car and all the sudden a blurry shape hurtles in front of you. You hear a sickening thump and you jam on the brakes. “Good God, what was that!” you blurt […]

Protecting Your Catalytic Converter

There are 253 million cars on the road in the United States, and each one is a source of air pollution. Especially in large cities, the amount of pollution that all these cars produce can cause serious problems. One of the best examples is the city of Los Angeles which frequently becomes enveloped in thick, […]

The Wheel Bearing: what you didn’t know

What Is a Bad Wheel Bearing? It may start with a slight grinding sound. If you have a front wheel drive car, the sound will usually seem like its coming from one of front tires and it may get louder when you turn corners. The problem? Quite often it’s a failed wheel bearing. Great, but […]

Turbo Tips: Ways to Extend Your Turbo’s Life

Turbocharging is enjoying a second renaissance these days. Originally “turbos” were devices that car makers put in their vehicles to boost performance. Back then, if you had a turbo on your car, you had one hot car. Today turbocharging is as popular as ever but for a different reason: they allow car makers to put […]