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Vehichle’s drivetrain system: what else should you know?

What All-Wheel Drive Car Owners Should Know With winter just around the corner, those that own All-Wheel Drive cars (AWD) are understandably smug because they know they are ready for whatever Mother Nature dishes out. If you are considering joining the AWD club this season, you should know that not AWDs are created equal and […]

Let’s talk about Dodge Viper, shall we?

Flashback: The Lil’ Red Express Truck Sometimes car manufacturers make special model vehicles to make particular statements. Take the Dodge Viper sports car, for example. This V-10 powered beast was specifically designed to inject a little pizzazz back into the Dodge brand. The first models were built in the early 90s and the concept worked […]

Have you ever wondered how fuel injection systems work? We will show you!

How Fuel Injection Systems Work In the old days, car engines used carburetors to vaporize the fuel going into an engine.  This method worked out fine for half a century but during the 1950s automobile manufacturers started experimenting with injecting gasoline directly into engines.  This would allow engineers to deliver fuel more precisely into the […]

Cuban Cigars? Why not Cuban automobiles!?

The Vintage Cars of Cuba – you don’t want one The roads in Cuba are just packed with classic American cars.  Take a look at photos of the streets of Havana and you will see classic America cars everywhere. Why is this? Since Cuba has effectively been isolated from the west for over 50 years, […]

Bellt Tank Racers: what can we say about them?

Belly Tank Racers Have you ever seen those old pictures of curious, low-slung hotrods with aluminum, torpedo-shaped bodies?  These are called “Belly Tank Racers” and they were built to break speed records in the car-crazy 1940s-50s. The body of these hotrods came from aluminum drop tanks, or “belly tanks”, that were common on WWII aircraft. […]

Nitrous Oxide: the adrenaline your vehicle desires!

Doing Nitrous If you like fast cars you undoubtedly have heard about Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous systems are a way to dramatically boost the horsepower of engines.  They are not for standard street cars, however, because they can be dangerous. That being said, enthusiasts still install them on all sorts of cars and if you’ve wondered […]

Want to know how the turbocharger technology works? Here’s some stuff for you!

Electric Turbocharging Once an exotic technology, turbocharging has become mainstream. Back a few decades ago, turbochargers were expensive and only installed on sports cars and race cars. The reason was pretty simple: to make the vehicle go faster. Today, turbochargers are still used on performance cars but they have become the technology of choice for […]

Chrysler and the Plymouth division: the story is not finished!

Prowling with Plymouth Chrysler’s Plymouth Division has been known for making some really unique cars once in a while. After all, this is the division brought us the outrageous Superbird back in the 70s. Well, in the 1990s, they did it again with the Prowler.  The Prowler was unlike any other car ever made in […]

HEMI’s history: what have you missed?

HEMI History It’s a word most the car people throw around a lot. Even on TV there are commercials that loudly tout “It’s a Hemi!” But what is a hemi, is it a real feature or just a marketing term? As it turns out, It’s both today. Thanks to the Service Department at Kims of […]

What else can we say about the Plymouth Superbird?

It’s a bird, no it’s a Superbird! It was an interesting time back in the mid-1970s. First, the US got a big wakeup call when the Arab oil embargo occurred in 1974. Then, when it was finally over, gas prices skyrocketed to levels that were unheard off just 5 years before. And, to make things […]