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Ford Mustang’s Unmistakable Design DNA


2015 Ford Mustang is definitely a fresh interpretation of the original Mustang. It is both contemporary and instantly recognizable, thanks to its shark-bite nose through the fastback profile to the tri-bar taillamps. The model features lower roof and wider hips, which enhances the visual muscularity and give Mustang a more athletic stance.

As a matter of fact the Mustang has evolved over five decades and six generations. Certain visual cues however connect the latest model to the originals like the slant of a nose or the shape of the eyes that repeat themselves in any family.

Ford Mustang Gets Fine Art Treatment


Ford Mustang is celebrating 50 years since it was introduced. To commemorate this special anniversary the artist Robin Bark has created a limited-edition 1965 Ford Mustang fastback sculpture. He has captured the essence of the original Mustang in a handcrafted piece that evokes power and motion. Only 500 individual works will be produced. Each of them is made of solid aluminum cast, then polished, numbered and of course – signed by the artist.

Robin Bark is experienced in industrial design, graphic design ceramics and metalwork. But his love of muscle vehicles is what created this beautiful sculpture. As a matter of fact, by far he has developed a series of cast-aluminum sculptures of classic motorbikes and sports cars.

1964 Ford Mustang 1/2 Coupe Prepared For Silverstone Auctions


1964 Ford Mustang 1/2 Coupe is one of the earliest production run of the iconic car. More importantly, this unique find is ready to go under the hammer at Silverstone Auctions on 24th of May. This muscle car is regarded as the purest of all Mustangs and is a very rare car. Its price is estimated between $23,764 to $30,562 USD (£14,000 to £18,000). The car was originally built at Ford‘s Dearborn Michigan plant on 26th of June 1964. What is really unique about it is that it still houses its original 260CI V8 Engine and Cruise-O-Matic transmission.

The car was ordered and then produced with one-off array of factory fitted options including power steering, power brakes, rally-pac and AM radio with rear speaker with a very rare Studio Sonic Sound System. Its exterior is in Rangoon Red color, while the interior is in Red Beauty one.