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2012 Hennessey HPE650 Supercharged Boss 302 Mustang


Hennessey HPE650 Supercharged Boss 302 Mustang - Muscle Cars BlogMeet the new Boss: The HPE650 Supercharged Boss 302 Mustang Laguna Seca.

• 650 bhp @ 7,000 rpm

HPE650 Supercharged Upgrade Includes:
• TVS2300 Supercharger System
• Air to Water Intercooler
• High Flow Air Induction
• High Flow Throttle Body Upgrade
• High Flow Fuel Injector Upgrade
• Hennessey Strut Tower Brace
• Side Exhaust Bypass Opened
• All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
• Professional Installation
• HPE Engine Management Calibration
• Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
• Hennessey HPE650 Exterior Badging
• Serial-Numbered Dash & Engine Plaques
• Hennessey Carbon Fiber Door Sills
• Hennessey Premium Floor Mats
• 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Limited Warranty

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Ways to Improve Performance Results on your Mustang


If you bought your Mustang because you wanted a sports car with a lot of power compared to your old, generic passenger car, you’re already on the right path.  But a Mustang’s stock parts alone aren’t enough to make it among the most competitive on the road, considering that a Mustang is still technically an entry-level sports car.  If you want to see horsepower gains and other performance improvements that just can’t be matched by basic stock parts, you’ll want to consider installing some custom Mustang performance equipment.  Below, we’ll cover some major ground on the types of add-ons and replacements that would best serve your performance needs.

Performance Add-ons

We’ll start with the assumption that money is no object and that you can afford to upgrade your car in just about any way possible.  In that case, immediately install a Mustang turbo kit.  Mustang turbochargers can dramatically increase your vehicle’s potential horsepower, in a range leading up to around 400 extra horsepower.  Those kinds of gains aren’t easy to come by, but they’ll certainly cost you, as an aftermarket turbo kit usually costs several thousand dollars to purchase.  Other types of performance add-ons that many Mustang drivers utilize include nitrous kits, superchargers, and more.

Is it better to buy a second-hand vehicle or get the best long-term rental deal?


On the one hand, to possess your own car is something that every person should empathize with. It is very nice to know that the car is waiting for you in the garage, always ready to be at your disposal. Still, you always have to bother about the running costs, fuel costs, and many other things – because owning a car is also quite a responsibility. Looking around for used cars for sale is only the first step and far not the last. Buying and selling is not a problem, but taking care of your car could turn into a true adventure, especially when it is a bit older. More and more parts need replacement with time, which means a lot of money. Moreover, if you are not good mechanic or you don’t have enough spare time, the auto repair centers will make a fortune from you.

On the other hand, you can get pretty much any car you desire for several weeks or months easily without ‘tying’ yourself to a pile of metal. If you need a van for your family holiday – simply look at the long term van hire ads online and within an hour you are ready to go. Furthermore, if you don’t like your rental, you can switch it with something else you deem more suitable to your needs and taste. Of course, renting itself is not cheap and the sums you will spent sometimes could be bigger than you would as an owner, so you have carefully to pick out the best long-term rental deal.

At the same time the second hand vehicle market is huge and, if you choose carefully, you can even earn some money from buying and selling cars.

So, if you need a car for a long period of time, such as several years, you should definitely buy one because renting would be way to expensive. If you drive just two or three months per year, though, a long-term rental is the better choice.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana FOUR H.F.H.V. Fiesta with Ford SYNC®


Ken Block’s Gymkhana FOUR H.F.H.V. Fiesta with Ford SYNC® - Muscle Cars BlogDEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 25, 2011 – Ken Block is known as a trendsetter, certainly when it comes to his on-the-edge driving. Be it in the World Rally Championship or in his recently released Gymkhana FOUR video on YouTube, he is ahead of the curve. Now, Block and the Monster World Rally Team are on the leading edge of technology as their multidiscipline rally H.F.H.V. (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle) Ford Fiesta is equipped with Ford SYNC®.

Block’s Fiesta is the first competition-ready car armed with Ford SYNC, which allows him to enjoy a wide array of award-winning in-car connectivity and communications features including hands-free, voice-activated calling and turn-by-turn directions as well as the ability to play his favorite music via Pandora.

“I love my new Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. race car because it’s one of the most unique competition race cars on the planet and is capable of doing many different styles of driving. One unique feature of this car is that it still has SYNC hooked up inside. So whenever I’m transitioning between rally stages or just driving around town, I’m able to make phone calls, have my texts read to me, look up businesses and listen to my favorite driving songs – it’s awesome!”

Ford SYNC will not replace Block’s longtime co-driver Alex Gelsomino, as use of the turn-by-turn direction capability is not legal for rally competition. However, it can help Block find the Parc Expose or the MWRT paddock service area in his street-legal Fiesta. Read more and watch the video of Gymkhana FOUR!

Display at Mustang Alley during Annual Woodward Dream Cruise


Display at Mustang Alley during Annual Woodward Dream Cruise - Muscle Cars BlogDEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 15, 2011 – A wide array of street and racing engines, a huge exhibit of classic and modern Ford-built performance vehicles and race cars, a glimpse at a future EcoBoost®-powered performance Focus, and Ford Racing parts installations – done on the spot for Mustang owners – make Ford Motor Company’s 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise display a must-see, high-octane destination. 

Scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 20 – rain or shine – the annual Woodward Dream Cruise is the world’s largest one-day classic car event. About 1.5 million visitors and 40,000 antique and classic cars from all over the country are expected to visit the Dream Cruise, which stretches from suburban Detroit north to Pontiac in a celebration of all things automotive.

The Ford display will be located at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and 9 Mile Road in Ferndale, just north of Detroit city limits. Once again, 9 Mile Road will be turned into Mustang Alley. More than 700 classic Mustangs and other Ford-built muscle cars are registered for a classic car show. If the weather cooperates and all cars arrive as scheduled, this year’s event is expected to feature at least one of every type of Mustang model made since the car debuted in April 1964. Read more!

700 hp Ford Mustang to Hit Auction Block


Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) today announced it has been selected by manufacturing leader and Fortune 500 company, SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW), to create a special one-of-a-kind high-performance Ford Mustang that will be auctioned to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. in January 2012.

Prior to traveling to Scottsdale, this unique and highly collectible example of GAS’ craftsmanship will debut to the public at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas, where it will be on display September 22-24, 2011. The car will make a number of appearances at car shows and events across the country, including SEMA 2011, leading up to its auction in Scottsdale this January.

GAS hand fabricated an all-metal wide-body that stretches the vehicle nine inches wider than a stock Mustang. To complement the vehicle’s aggressive stance and design which was inspired by the Mustang BOSS 429, a Ford Racing supercharger boosts engine performance to more than 700HP. Forgiato 22×14 rear and 21×11 front three-piece GTR wheels were mated to 335/25/22 and 295/25/21 Pirelli tires to fit to the new body. Inside, custom red suede and black leather trim and upholstery with suede headliner were added to enhance the interior. The Mustang also features a Bassani Performance exhaust system, custom formulated PPG paint, a 1000-watt JL Audio system and many other unique items that make this Mustang one-of-a-kind. Read more!

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Short Review


2011 Chevrolet Camaro Short Review - Muscle Cars BlogWe all know the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro is a head-turning muscle car that goes like stink and will certainly get you noticed. But it also comes with significant trade-offs that can make the Camaro hard to live with on a daily basis.

Two engines are available for this timeless gem, in V6 and V8. The buyer is essentially able to pick their poison. Both models have great acceleration for their price. The V6 engine is a 3.6 liter which produces approximately 312 horsepower. Which makes the 2011 chevy camaro a great car of choice both engines have plenty of hp.

This is an upgrade from the previous year’s model, at an 8 horsepower difference. The V8 engine is a 6.2 liter, and produces 400 horsepower. Both versions are available in either manual or automatic transmission. The horsepower of the 2011 chevy camaro increases with the manual transmission to 426.

Turn the key, and confidence transforms into pure adrenaline. Grin-inducing technology like Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing work together to enhance combustion and breathing efficiency throughout the powerband. But the quickest way to nirvana may be through your fingertips. Camaro’s available six-speed automatic transmission comes with steering wheel–mounted TAPshift controls for clutchless manual shifting. Essential for revving anyone’s soul. Read more!

Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. Ford Mustang Boss 302


Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Muscle Cars BlogHere’s a video from autocar.co.uk – you’ll see one runway, two American muscle cars and a score to settle. Which is faster? The 6.2-litre Chevrolet Camaro SS or the all-new 5.0-litre Ford Mustang Boss 302? Vicky Parrott finds out and tells us exactly why the winning car has such an advantage. Place your bets… Click on Read more!

2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150


2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 - Muscle Cars BlogSTURGIS, S.D., Aug. 9, 2011– The 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson™ F-150 delivers on the custom cool design that the lineup has been known for, with new snakeskin leather interior accents, a new stylized bodyside graphic and a new wheel and premium paint color. Combine that with a standard 6.2-liter V8 engine and plenty of technology, and it delivers power, capability and style like no other.

“This is a great pairing of two icons of the open road: Ford and Harley-Davidson. Both brands appeal to truck owners and motorcycle enthusiasts alike,” said Marc Lapine, Ford F-150 marketing manager. “For 2012 we worked with Harley-Davidson to continue to push the styling envelope while still delivering the durability and power that F-150 is known for and that our collective customers expect. It perfectly captures both brands.”

The successful collaboration between Ford and Harley-Davidson has produced 10 F-150 models, as well as six Super Duty F-250 and F-350 models, and in 2009 the first Harley-Davidson F-450 edition truck. Ford has sold more than 70,000 Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series trucks since the brands teamed up in 1999. Read more!

Chevrolet Camaro Special Editions


Chevrolet Camaro Special Editions - Muscle Cars Blog“The Camaro story has no ending. It’s just beginning.” Do you own a special edition Camaro?

A reflection of its heritage, designed for the present, a future piece of automotive history. By its very nature, every Camaro special edition is a consecration of a moment in the Camaro story, whether it’s the 1967 Indy Pace Car Replica or the 2012 45th Anniversary Edition. This is not an equal-opportunity vehicle. It’s a machine bought out of love, devotion, passion and the pinnacle of enthusiasm for an automotive brand.

The first Camaro special edition was born on the track. But it’s become much more. Each model highlights different aspects of what it means to be a Camaro. The Neiman Marcus edition is pure luxury and design. Synergy Series is sporty and aggressive. And the Indy Pace Car Replica? That’s a grand tradition that continues to this day. Watch the video – click on Read more!