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Oshawa Celebrates 45 Years Of The Camaro


Oshawa Celebrates 45 Years Of The Camaro - Muscle Cars BlogThe Camaro Home Coming was held in one of the parking lots of the Oshawa Assembly plant. It included a rare plant tour on Friday June 10, 2011! I hope that GM keeps opening up the plants and the workers and management to the fans and driving public. Watch the video on Read more!

1969 Extreme 540cid 705 HP Chevrolet Camaro


1969 Extreme 540cid 705 HP Chevrolet Camaro - Muscle Cars BlogS&S Motorsports of Sarasota LLC is selling this beautiful muscle car – The 1969 Extreme 540cid 705 HP Chevy Camaro. As you will see, the car is in very good condition, has everything you’ll ever need for spending the time of your life driving it! The listing price is for US $142,950.00. We think this car deserves it. See the specs, images and description after clicking on Read more !

MustangMotors.com And MustangMotor.com for sale!


MustangMotors.com And MustangMotor.com for sale! - Muscle Cars BlogBrowsing through eBay we stumbled upon this listing: These domain names are for sale – www.MustangMotors.com & www.MustangMotor.com. Before we mention the listing price, we would like to say that the seller noted to disregard listing price and all reasonable offers would be considered. However, the listing price is US $9,999,999.00.

As many of you know, these two domains are very iconic names. The Ford Mustang will be around for generations to come. This website has great profit potential in both the short and long term future. This would especially be beneficial as a new forum. The seller prefers to sell them as a pair! The eBay auction ID is 320602494767.

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1969 1200HP 565ci Twin Turbo Corvette


1969 1200HP 565ci Twin Turbo Corvette - Muscle Cars BlogA One-Off Show Winner FROM S&S MOTORSPORTS – 1200HP+ “BOMBER VETTE” – 1969 565cid Twin-Turbo Corvette. You may have probably seen their work in Super Chevy, Muscle Car Enthusiast, Vette magazines & Barrett-Jackson. The chance to own this beauty is estimated at US $282,000.00!

The special about this one is that all of cars are titled from the year they were originally built and absolutely NO CRATE ENGINES (unless otherwise specified). No reproduction bodies, as well. The guys at S&S Motorsports custom build all motors to YOUR specs!

There are other cars currently in production, to include 3 other 1969 Camaros, two being EXTREME (convertible and coupe) 1 being a SuperStreet (coupe), a 1970 442 Big Block Twin Turbo convertible (already painted S/S Red), and a 1969 EXTREME Sportsroof Mustang and there is still time to add your personal details to these industry setting vehicles. Click on read more and see the specs and many images!

1965 Ford Mustang Station Wagon 5.0L


1965 Ford Mustang Station Wagon 5.0L - Muscle Cars BlogThis is another incredible car, auctioned on eBay for US $59,900.00. The mythical Mustang wagon—it has persisted since the earliest days of the Mustang, and even Ford had proposals on the drawing board. However, it appears that the first Mustang wagons were not built by Ford at all, but rather by Intermeccanica at the behest of the W.J. Thompson advertising agency. Constructed in 1965, the car may or may not still exist, but photos and magazine articles from the period still exist, and have inspired a few talented craftsmen to try their hands at creating their own Mustang wagons. This particular 1965 Mustang wagon was built by Joe Ramp and uses as many factory components as possible to create one of the most unique and eye-catching Mustangs you’ll ever see. Read more, watch the video, see the images!

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible SS 572 cui. 701 HP


1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible SS 572 cui. 701 HP - Muscle Cars BlogHere is a perfect 1970 Chevelle SS with amazing 701 HP, listed on eBay with Buy Now price – US $195,000.00. This is the listing text with images. Enjoy!

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible.


Here is a very rare offer excellent 1970 Chevelle SS Convertible, with only the best refinements. A brief overview follows, but you have to experience this car first hand.

This Chevelle has been renovated in a top professional U.S. garage. Nothing is left to chance.

Engine: ZZ572/620 Deluxe (measured at 701 hp.) With all that man can imagine from the best parts money can buy.
Polished aluminum intake, chrome oil pan, chrome cover between the engine and gearbox, chrome starter, chrome power steering pump, chrome alternator, polished aluminum water pump, polished aluminum heat pipes, hand crafted polished stainless steel Sprinkler container, chrome Expantions container, chrome brake booster, electric Vacumpumpe for brakes, polished manifold, original polished aluminum valve covers, thermostat controlled electric fan, chrome cooling rack, chrome drive shaft, electric Aeroquip fuel pump, all stainless steel fuel lines with Aeroquip polished fittings , polished aluminum K & N air filters and much more. Click on Read more!

2012 Corvette ZR1 Takes on Nurburgring


2012 Corvette ZR1 Takes on Nurburgring - Muscle Cars BlogThe Chevrolet Corvette returns to the famed German track – the Nurburgring – to test the 2012 ZR1 model. This year’s test run eclipses the time set in 2008 by more than six seconds. Watch the video!

Ralph Gilles is President and CEO of SRT brand


Ralph Gilles is President and CEO of SRT brand - Muscle Cars BlogChrysler Group Announces Management Changes

June 7, 2011 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Chrysler Group LLC today announced the following management team changes.

Fred Diaz is appointed President and CEO of Chrysler de Mexico, which includes responsibility for Latin America. Diaz continues in his current role as the President and CEO of the Ram Truck Brand.

Reid Bigland is named President and CEO of the Dodge Car Brand and head of U.S. Sales. Bigland continues as President and CEO of Chrysler Canada. In addition, the Company appointed David Buckingham to the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer of Chrysler Canada, reporting to Bigland. Previously, Buckingham was Vice President – Sales, Chrysler Canada. Read more!

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Supercharged vs Koenigseg CCXR


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Supercharged vs Koenigseg CCXR - Muscle Cars BlogWatch this video of supercharged Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with 700 horsepower under the hood and a Savage Swede Supercar – a 1,024-horsepower Koenigsegg CCXR. Hit on Read more!

Hot Rod Time Machine: Old vs New


Hot Rod Time Machine: Old vs New - Muscle Cars BlogJust How Good Were the Good Ol’ Days? To find out, we’ve gathered three modern high-spec ponycars and matched them with their glory days ancestors. We’re pitting a 2011 Camaro SS against the ’69 Camaro SS396 that inspired its design; a 2011 Challenger SRT8 meets the ’70 Challenger it so faithfully resembles; and a freshly minted Shelby Mustang GT500 convertible meets its ’69 forebear.  ~ Motor Trend.

Shot by: Jim Gleason and Gordon Green
Edited by: Jim Gleason

Watch it on Read more!