You would have seen this Challenger if you recently watched the latest episode of West Coast Customs ‘Street Customs’ TV show that aired on TLC on March 26th, 2009. This one-off creation belongs to Joshua ‘Chop’ Tobin aka the “King of Cars”, who is the owner of Las Vegas based car dealership, Towbin Dodge. The entire pimp job was done by the guys at West Coast Customs (WCC) and we must say that they have come up with something really good.

When money is not an issue, the number of things that can be done are, well infinite. The real show stoppers on this car are those oversized wide rear fenders, white paint with black striping, a new spoiler at the rear and blacked out rear lights. The star of the show however are the magnificent Asanti deep dish rims. The car is fitted with 24 inches up front and 26 inches at the rear. They seem truly special and the white-black matte finish combination along with their design and the depth of the rear rims are quite stunning. The only sad part are the disc brakes which look like milk bottle tops inside these huge rims and fail to fill out the space inside. - The Ultimate Blog for American Muscle Cars and Muscle Vehicles