If you bought your Mustang because you wanted a sports car with a lot of power compared to your old, generic passenger car, you’re already on the right path.  But a Mustang’s stock parts alone aren’t enough to make it among the most competitive on the road, considering that a Mustang is still technically an entry-level sports car.  If you want to see horsepower gains and other performance improvements that just can’t be matched by basic stock parts, you’ll want to consider installing some custom Mustang performance equipment.  Below, we’ll cover some major ground on the types of add-ons and replacements that would best serve your performance needs.

Performance Add-ons

We’ll start with the assumption that money is no object and that you can afford to upgrade your car in just about any way possible.  In that case, immediately install a Mustang turbo kit.  Mustang turbochargers can dramatically increase your vehicle’s potential horsepower, in a range leading up to around 400 extra horsepower.  Those kinds of gains aren’t easy to come by, but they’ll certainly cost you, as an aftermarket turbo kit usually costs several thousand dollars to purchase.  Other types of performance add-ons that many Mustang drivers utilize include nitrous kits, superchargers, and more.

Performance Chips

If you’re on a tighter budget, a turbocharger may be out of your price range.  But there’s no reason to worry yet, as there are inexpensive performance components that can still solidly improve upon your vehicle’s stock capabilities.  Mustang racing chips, for instance, often cost less than $100, and can add up to 60 extra horsepower to your car.  Not only that, but they’re easy to install and can also improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.  If you have some generic automotive tools around, you should be able to install that Mustang performance chip in well under an hour.

Performance Replacements

When all else fails, avoid the add-ons and go for the replacements.  That way, you’re not dealing with any parts that didn’t exist in some form already in or on your car.  For speed improvements, start with your Mustang’s hood.  A stock hood can be heavy and will weigh down your vehicle, forcing your car’s engine to work harder to compensate for the part’s weight.  Instead, if you were to replace that stock hood with a lightweight hood, such as a Mustang fiberglass hood, you can significantly cut down on that weight, making it easier for your vehicle to reach top speeds faster.