VW Touareg is one of the safest cars in Europe

Posted on 20 September, 2018

Touareg receives top rates from the well-known Euro NCAP organization that has also awarded the luxurious class model with the maximum possible rating of five stars. Due to the independent crash tests, the SUV performed excellently in every category and showcased Volkswagen’s dedication towards safety and utility.

Said to be one of brand’s safest cars, the mighty SUV has managed to impress all members of the jury and earned its recognitions and awards by showcasing optimized body structure, new seating belt system, airbag network and of course, innovative assist systems. The SUV also managed to score very good in the additional four individual Euro NCAP categories: “Adult occupant safety”, “Child occupant safety”, “Safety Assist” and “Vulnerable road users”.

After its launch in spring this year, the Touareg has become one of the latest Volkswagen flagships to incorporate such advanced technologies, but also include next-gen assist, comfort, lightning and infotainment utilities. Some of the features that make this vehicle excellent are Night Vision, Traffic Jam and Roadwork Lane Assist, Front Cross Traffic Assist, new roll stabilization system with electromechanical anti-roll bars, IQ.Light-LED Matrix headlights and heads-up display that projects images directly on the windscreen.

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It is always good to see how such vehicles become the stars of the show. And given that the “show” is actually a comprehensive test to check the life-saving capabilities of a contemporary vehicle, we are eager to see even more!

Source: Volkswagen