If you take a closer look at this Speedster and then compare it to the original 50th Anniversary Corvette Stingray Concept that was shown at the Chicago Auto Show in 2009 as well as in the movie Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, you will see some major differences: A different hood with dual openings in the front, No LED vertical headlights – a more conventional lighting system appears tucked into the front recesses, different wheels and a different front grille. Also, as the original Stingray Concept featured Lambo-style doors, either this car’s door is slightly ajar or the gaps on these new door panels gaps are just horrendous. Our guess is that someone had finally put together a rebody kit based on the Stingray Concept but took it a step further by chopping the windshield and roof and making into a Speedster version. Last year we came across an eBay auction for a Stingray Concept kit but at the time it was nothing more than vaporware. But, because this car was seen in Beverly Hills and with Transformers 3 in production for a 2011 release, maybe Sideswipe decided to transform into something more appropriate for the California sunshine.

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