Toyota team finds ways to use more eco-friendly technologies. Check ’em out!

Posted on 23 November, 2018

Toyota Motor Corporation team has developed world’s first general-purpose hydrogen burner in collaboration with furnace specialists at Chugai Ro Co Ltd. This new creation produces lower nitrous oxide emission and zero carbon dioxide emissions form combustion.

This new burner is already put to use at Toyota’s Honsha plant in Japan. The company hopes that such structure and system would replace 1,000 large-scale natural gas burners in the fabric with new clean technology. What separates this furnace idea from other similar products is that with conventional hydrogen burners hydrogen reacts rapidly with oxygen and produces high flame temperature and environmentally hazardous NOx emissions, while new burners feature two structures that allow the hydrogen to combust slowly and more efficiently.

In order to achieve its targeted emission goal, Toyota implements innovative technologies and continuous improvement activities. The idea is to aim to use energy from renewable sources in its fabrics and plants, including the already mentioned hydrogen. Toyota team plans to install new technology features at all Japanese plants and even expand this activity outside Japan. Furthermore, the premium Japanese manufacturer seeks ways to realize a future hydrogen-powered society and reduce the industrial carbon footprint by promoting industrial hydrogen and contributing to increased demand for hydrogen.

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Source: Toyota