Last year my family decided that we would try a camping holiday and after thought and discussion we were sure that we would need a trailer to help us transport our luggage.

Obviously trailers are not cheap and as I was unsure how much use we would get from the trailer I was dubious on buying a trailer for this one trip.

However my family were adamant they wanted to go camping so I began looking at trailers and their cost. This is when I stumbled across Indespension.

After looking at their website and being impressed by the variety of trailers they offer I researched the company for customer reviews. I found an article on buying second hand trailers where the author recommended Indespension’s used trailers. After more research I found many happy customers who had brought a used trailer from Indespension and wrote good reviews.

Often when people hear ‘second hand or used’ they think of poor quality and disregard these items.

This can often be true in many cases and I will admit that I have thought this in the past and still do about certain things.

However these reviews, coupled with the money I would save, encouraged me to perhaps try a used trailer.

Indespension’s used trailers are serviced by their team so they are sure to meet all safety requirements. They also arrange for trailers to be delivered to your local store so you do not need to travel far either.

There was a variety to choose from and I parted with my money hoping that I had made the right decision to save some money.

I was very glad I did. During our camping trip the trailer proved very useful. All of our equipment was transported in the trailer and it also served as a great storage space whilst on the campsite.

I have also used the trailer for various trips to the tip and it has also come in handy when helping my daughter to move house.

I wanted to write this blog to tell people how sometimes ‘used and second hand’ does not always mean poor quality.

I definitely recommend people to buy used trailers if money is an issue as mine has proven very reliable and well worth the money.

It is important to remember that when buying either a new or second hand trailer you will need to get it serviced occasionally. It is usually recommended that the trailer is serviced every 6,000 miles.