With seven separate locations and over five hundred and fifty dealerships, Ford is the UK’s biggest motor company. This is in addition to Ford’s several large production plants, where vehicles, engines, parts, components and transmissions are manufactured. Overall, Ford in Britain employ approximately 35,000 people in product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and service roles. Ford has been Britain’s best-selling car brand for over thirty years, and Ford cars have been leaders in the commercial vehicle market since 1965. With around 440,000 cars and other commercial vehicles sold every year, Ford is a major presence in Britain’s car industry.

Most impressive has been the Ford Focus, the UK’s most popular car every year since it was launched in 1998. Ford’s team at their Research and Development Centre, based in Essex, are constantly working on the development of new engines, commercial vehicles and transmissions. Over 3,000 engineers are employed there, working in the centre’s extensive research and development facilities which include high speed and special surface tracks.


With indoor labs featuring rolling roads, crash simulations and test cells capable of housing up to fifteen vehicles and one hundred engines, Ford are strongly committed to subjecting each of their products to intense testing regimes. Every Ford car has to meet high quality standards before being shipped out.

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