Vehicles are constantly being molded to provide several benefits to not only the consumers, but to the world. This has become a primary concern for many environmentally conscious auto makers, as they wish to lower emissions while still providing affordable vehicles that can save money on fuel. These vehicles have become very popular, and many people have already purchased an environmentally friendly vehicle. The biggest advantage to these cars is their ability to cut your fuel prices to unbelievable lows; have you ever owned a vehicle that gets 50 miles out of one single gallon of gas? This benefit is incredibly alluring, thus the surge in owners of these vehicles. We are going to discuss a few of the popular and exciting models, in order for you to see what’s available on the market!

Chevrolet Bolt: Electric and Hybrid in One

The Chevy Volt is an exciting new vehicle. There are many hybrids available, but this vehicle is the best of the electric and hybrid worlds. It is able to be plugged in and charged, yet also has an available gas tank for longer trips. This vehicle can travel on its battery for roughly 35 miles; after which, you can switch to using the gas tank. The tank can last you an additional 375 miles, so you will not get stranded should your battery lose its charge. These cars are starting at just over $30,000, making them somewhat affordable. There is also a government rebate for this vehicle, which sweetens the deal and might just have you thinking “I’m going to have to sell my car!” so that you can get one for yourself.

The Toyota Prius: A Classic Among Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

The Toyota Prius is very well known, and has been around for over a decade. They frequent highways and towns across the country, because of their high mileage per gallon of gas. This is one of the most affordable fuel efficient vehicles, with a surprising price tag of only $20,000 or more. The most basic models are less, of course. These vehicles have been a favorite for years, and are one of the best hybrids available. They get an incredible 50 miles per gallon, helping you to rest easy as gas prices rise. Toyota really made a homerun with this vehicle, and it is only becoming more and more popular. Its physical appearance may not be so impressive; but this aspect is quickly forgotten when you see how this hybrid car performs.

Honda Civic Natural Gas Vehicle

This car is still not quite popular, as natural gas stations are few and far between. However, natural gas costs only half of what gasoline costs, and results in much less emissions. This is the best natural gas car available, so only time will tell whether natural gas stations will catch on.

Tesla Model S: Environmentally Friendly Turns Heads

This luxury sedan is fuel efficient, fast, and powerful. It has a rather high price tag for the everyday consumer at $49,000+. It is impressive however; this plug in electrical car can go from 0-60 in only 5 seconds. It can also go 300 miles on a single charge, and is scheduled to release in the summer (July) of 2012. This car will be a big hit, and already has a waiting list for when production begins!

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