When muscle cars hit the streets back in the 1950s they smashed everything else off the road with out-of-this-world performance. Indulging their owners with growling power and NASCAR-tested engines, these mean machines changed the world forever. They transformed the streets from the domain of dreary 4-seaters into a horsepower-packed playground. Modern muscle cars build upon this legendary heritage by taking the latest technology and using it to produce massively powerful machines. And, unlike the 1950s when your desire to customize was limited by what the factory chucked out, you can deck out your prized ride with a vast array of custom muscle car accessories.

The best place to start your journey to power bliss is with a cold air intake. Muscle car cold air intakes replace your stock intake system with a beefy, wide open one. That increased flow delivers the blast of power-packed icy oxygen your hungry engine has been craving and adds both horsepower and torque. Best yet, all that extra air improves engine efficiency, extending the life of your motor and even increasing fuel efficiency. And, now that you have all that extra air coursing through your engine, you need to give it a place to go.

Installing a performance exhaust system with your CAI gives you the perfect fusion of the intake feeding fire into your engine and the exhaust pumping it out. It’s the bold synthesis of horsepower, torque and even more growling sound for your muscle machine. And, when it comes to performance exhaust systems for muscle cars, there is only one choice; Corsa exhaust. For over 20 years the engineers at Corsa have been crafting the finest exhaust systems on the market. Marrying cutting-edge technology with only the finest materials, a Corsa performance exhaust gives your ride a powerful and mean jolt of power and sound.

Now that you’ve rocked your muscle car’s engine with more horsepower and torque, you gotta upgrade your braking system to keep pace. From hooking up your ride with a set of performance muscle car brake rotors to giving it some extra grab with boss brake pads, upgrading your braking system is an absolute must. Performance brake rotors and brake pads slash your stopping time, allowing you to push your street demon to its powerful limits.

With your power pumped up to track-smashing levels, it’s time to defend those mean looks, starting with your interior. Saving your upholstery with a set of muscle car seat covers is a perfect way to keep your ride looking its best. Next up, you have to keep your carpets factory fresh with a set of upgraded floor mats. Available in a vast array of custom styles you can choose from a set of all-weather muscle car mats for when it’s wet outside, a set of custom-embroidered carpeted mats for date nights and everything in between. And, to keep your paint pristine and shining bright, you need a car cover. Whether you keep your ride outside and need an all-weather car cover or a garage-pampered indoor car cover, you have a nearly unlimited selection to choose from. The right aftermarket accessories turn your ride into a world of off-the-chain power and help you maintain its bold appearance.