We can expect to see the Ford Edge in the UK showrooms from September this year. Ford hope to see a booming increase in sales of this particular model, as more and more people in the UK want more practical vehicles for weather conditions or family needs. The new 4x4 will be shipped to Europe from Canada and will compete with other similar vehicles from that particular Ford line. Not only is the exterior a cutting edge design with sharp angles and aggressive stance but Ford have promised a just as elegant interior.  According to Ford it is set to have more space than the Audi Q7 and the footprint of the Q5.  Let’s hope it lives up to expectations, take a look at the suspected specification to make up your own mind… 2015 Ford Edge The Interior… The all new Edge features leather wrapped steering wheel and leather trimmed seats as standard.  Design and craftsmenship can be seen all around the car with a panoramic sunroof but remember that will not be a feature on all of the models.   Some of the models even come with ambient lighting, with a choice of colours to suit your mood. The Technology… This vehicle certainly isn’t shy of technology by all means, but how much of it do we really need? Yes we would all like a car to park itself, look around corners, slow down on its own at on coming traffic and help you get back into lane.  The Edge model range does all of this, but I wonder if this means we will rely too much on technology and will lead to less attention given to the actual drive Performance and Capability… Available on all models is intelligent AWD, a feature which uses sensors to constantly monitor traction, it certainly may avoid any wheel slips in the future.  The steering wheel comprises of six shift pedals so even those who don’t know how to operate a clutch can still get the feel for gear changes.  The edges suspension has been designed for tight handling, agility and stability.  Across the range there are three different types of engine sizes, a veriety to suit all. The current range of Ford models include the award winning used ford ranger which is available from here and Ford transit. The ever popular Ford kuga has made an impact in AWD in the UK and in the USA but the F-150 has allways been the most popular in the USA available here. All in all it seems like the 2015 Edge will be an all-round cutting edge 4x4 and has a lot of features to suit the vast majority of people.  The Ford Edge is set to help soar profits and build the brand just as other similar models from the Ford range have done.  But will it live up to its competitors?