A new 2014 car is coming which looks better than any other of its kind. It is called Nissan GT-R and its nickname- “Godzilla” is quite suitable. It is definitely not nearly as ugly as the monster from the film but you can be sure that it is just as powerful if not more so. In short, the car looks like an absolute beast or like something that came out of the Transformers films. This is the work of the most ambitious of Nissan designers and as a whole the Nissan GT-R is a project that has been prepared for a long time and now it is finally here. According to the Nissan experts we spoke to at the Sheridan Nissan dealership in New Castle, the engine of the car is a V6, direct-injected 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged. It has the capacity of 545 horsepower. The torque is 463 lb-ft. In addition to those spectacular numbers there is a strong turbocharger bypass which manages to balance the acceleration of the car in case of high RPM’s. A baffle plate which is situated in the oil pan serves to control the pressure and there also special injectors equipped for performing a powerful mid-range punch. The part of the car centered on the driving seat is perfectly designed for the highest level of comfort for the driver possible. The section is well equipped with a soft steering wheel and a relaxing seat. All around the seat there are comfort gadgets like an LCD display through which you can choose different ways in which to drive your GT-R. You can access on the display options connected with boost, acceleration, g-force and many others. The car is for two occupants and that’s the best choice for it especially with its raw and superhero-like appearance. A model like this would not be suitable for families at all. A very special addition to the assets of the GT-R is the so-called Premium Interior Package. Through it the driver section of the car can be decorated in stylish beautiful tones which will adorn the armrests, the steering wheel and the knob. There are several models of GT-R. The first one is the Premium Edition. It is most distinctive with lots of entertainment assets like a gigantic sound system, comfortable leather coverage for the steering wheel and the seats. It also has a navigation technique that includes some very efficient options, like the XM Nav and the Zagat functionalities. In addition there are also IPod and Bluetooth attachments. The Black Edition of the GT-R is all about the exterior style. It usually comes in red and black leather seats but you can also customize the color upon order. The colors on the seat, the steering wheel and the headliner come together harmoniously. The Black Edition also includes a special dry-carbon rear wing which is made specifically for collectors. The wheels are quite special. They are of black color, lightweight and of the six-spoke RAYS type. The GT-R Track vehicle is characteristic with front and back air guides which assist in the process of keeping the normal temperature in the car. Another specific asset is the carbon fiber air ducts. A third useful Track Edition feature is the revised suspension of the model which includes the rare Bilstein DampTronic shock absorbers. The Nissan GT-R is a remarkable car and all together perhaps the most spectacular in terms of appearance, functionality, technology, equipment and comfort sport vehicle that Nissan will create in recent years and have created in recent memory.