Chevrolet has rocked the racing world since day one. It is from these tracks that the cars and trucks on streets are running successfully. Winning for a hundred years, the Chevrolet looks forward to continue the same in the centuries to come. Racing has a direct effect on improving the Chevy. Testing the Corvette is not the only task accomplished at Nürburgring, Camaro SS, Cruz and ZL1 are tried out on the same lane. Watch the Chevys power and technology in the racing series. NASCAR: Having won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 35 times, it was Jimmy Johnson who created a record with 5 championships in a row, creating history. He was the first to ever accomplish this great task. Chevrolet has thus been the ruling force in NASCAR for years. Durability test, aero improvement and test on other performance are some of the areas where Chevrolet has improvised and aced with every League. Grand AM: Camaro Z28 marked a spot in history with the Trans-Am series of racing for the sport cars in the early years of 1960 and 1970. As of now there are two Grand AM series being held. They are the classic Grand Touring (GT) Class and the daring Daytona Prototype Class. It is this that Chevrolet battles Porsche and Mustang to win the title. Daytona Prototype Class is the ideal arena for manufactures to bring their latest work of art to compete with each other. ALMS: Calling all convertors to the field, the ARMS is America’s premier production challenging head on with BMW, Porches and Ferrari. The trend is clearly set for a clash of the Corvettes. Till date, Corvette Racing has earned 8 “American Le Mans Series manufacturers and team championships” over the years. They have also won seven driver championships. World Touring Car Championship: The Chevy Cruz came strong in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), conquering the Drivers’ Championship in addition to Manufacturers’ Championship in 2010 as well as 2011. Racing against big brands like the BMW and some other sport sedans, it proved its worth in front of the world. The race participants include Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Indy Car Competition: After suffering from a malfunction in 2011, on completing 30 laps, Chevrolet promised to return bigger and stronger the following year. However it was unable to get back on the winning lane in 2012 and finished in top five positions in June 2013. Racing is the engine and oil of the Chevrolet.  Built to compete it will not rest till it reaches the number 1 spot. With innovative technology and constant effort, the Chevrolet will go a long way. Nothing less can be expected from one of the world’s leading brand.