If you are like most people, you value the investment you have made into your vehicle. After all, not only did you put a great deal of money into purchasing it, you also count on it to get you where you need to be on a pretty regular basis. In order to protect your investment, as well as help ensure that it remains a reliable source of transportation, you will want to treat it right. Have Your Nissan Properly Maintained Following a regular maintenance schedule will go a long way toward protecting your Nissan. Though this line of Japanese vehicles has long been known for its reliability, if it is not properly maintained, you could be shaving months or even years off the life of the engine. Replacing the engine of a vehicle is a hefty expense that also means that mode of transportation will be unavailable for quite some time. Follow Your Nissan Manual's Recommendations This is going to be your best bet when it comes to ensuring that your Nissan lasts a long time. Since the manufacturer has tested each of the parts that have gone into the vehicle you now own and love, they are the ones to turn to when you have questions about a particular part and when it should be changed out. Like many items that are manufactured, there is a definite lifespan when it comes to most of the parts that are included on your Nissan. Even those major systems that seems to last indefinitely need to be replaced periodically. Nissan tries to recommend replacing them before they typically fail in order to protect their customers from having unexpected breakdowns. Oil Changes Make Your Nissan Happy If there is one type of maintenance that can be deemed as the most important one, it has got to be an oil change. Given how very important oil is to the smooth running of your vehicle, there should be no surprise as far as its importance. Without the presence of oil in your Nissan's engine, the many moving parts would have no way of doing so smoothly, without catching on one another. Instead, a lack of oil would cause these parts to grind against each other and eventually they would not be able to move at all. Find cheap oil changes in NH’s Team Nissan North. Clean Oil is Necessary Making sure there is sufficient oil in your vehicle at all times is important. However, so is ensuring that this oil is clean. When oil is dirty, it becomes thick and difficult to move. This can cause engine parts to bind together and eventually stop moving altogether. Depending on the road conditions, you might need to have your oil changed more frequently than what Nissan recommends in order to protect your engine.