Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) is popularly for its extraordinary cars and breathtaking speed performances on, and off track. The company made record sales in June 2013, making the month; the highest in the number of sales done in a month, in the history of the company- the company pushed about 3,700 units through the market. This year has been excellent for PCNA, and they have made a record sales of 21,309 vehicles in the first six months (30 percent hike from last year). This year has witnessed a tremendous rise in the sale of vehicles as compared to 16,450 vehicles sold in 2012. According to Priority 1 Auto of Baltimore, the Cayenne line has experienced maximum growth. The sales recorded this year is 77 percent more than June 2012. The GTS models of Cayenne contributed to 42 percent of the sales. An increase in sales has been observed in all the models including Cayman and Boxster, which recorded a growth of 66 percent. The hike in sales can also be attributed to the quality delivery services and economic improvement. In contrast to the other models, the flagship 911 model of Porsche observed an increase of 10 percent in sales during its 50th anniversary year. The company has several models lined up for launch including limited edition 50th anniversary 911, GT3 variants, Turbo S, and Turbo models. Porsche 911 50 years edition Porsche 911 looks an extra-ordinary car considering its age, and the limited period edition comes with exciting features. The 3.8-L flat-six engine of Carrera S and a power kit package capable of producing 430 hp powers the car. It will take less than 4.2 seconds to hit the 60 miles per hour mark. The car will be available in two different colors including geyser grey and graphite grey. The car will be priced at $124,000 in the US and launched at the Frankfurt show later this year.