PEUGEOT team apprentices reveal a revised 1991 205 GTI vehicle

Posted on 28 August, 2018

PEUGEOT 205 GTI will make a special appearance at this year’s CarFest South, after proving itself worthy at the CarFest North Festival last month. Restored and modified by PEUGEOT team apprentices, this badass boy will be one of several models available for passenger rides. Furthermore, all proceeds will go to charity and the winning bidder will have the chance to have a ride with this very same 205 GTI, but this time on the special CarFest track.

The charity organization itself, the Sporting Bears Charity is a group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts that aim to raise money for children in need via social and touring events. For example, this year’s charity event has raised about £50,000 at CarFest North fest. Neat!

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Now, let’s get back to the vehicle, shall we? Originally revealed in 1991, the 205 GTI is fitted with brand’s popular and super successful 405 Mi16 engine and as we all know, made a huge success on European roads. This particular model was bought and restored by PEUGEOT Technician Apprenticeships Programme, a part of the Above & Beyond programme, run by Performance Academy for all apprentices enrolling from the UK Dealer Network.