This custom project is labeled "Made in Germany": and centers around a new widebody aerodynamic kit, made largely from carbon fiber. At the front, this starts with a new bumper, spoiler and cup wings. Meanwhile, the back is dominated by massive quad exhaust sitting inside a carbon fiber diffuser skirt. The PDR700 also brings fresh side skirts and flared wheel arches. All the parts are designed to fit the new Corvette Stingray C7. We've calculated that the body kit alone would set you back €7,050, not including installation or paint. Custom interior on request Prior won't sell a fresh interior as a kit, but on request it can do a C7 cabin that will rival any Mercedes. This particular model was treated to a mix of dark alcantara and camel leather in a quilted pattern. They've even covered the dash, the floor and the whole center console. It's pretty nice, though it doesn't match the character of the Corvette. Apart from the exterior modifications, Prior Design also offers a set of 20-inch wheels for the new Corvette while a sports exhaust system and suspension kit are also available on request. Source: Prior-Design