Nissan earns prestigious awards at this year’s Texas AutoWriter’s Association Truck Rodeo

Posted on 18 October, 2018

Nissan team has shined at the 26th annual Texas AutoWriters Association Truck Rodeo. Battling in historic rainfall in the Austin area, the team has faced challenging conditions at this year’s event. However, after two days of trail and on-road evaluations, new 2018 Nissan lineup models have been recognized as “Compact CUV of Texas” and “Best Value”, gaining a total of five awards.

One of the most popular Nissan machines, 2018 Murano has reclaimed the title of “Mid-Size SUV of Texas” by beating strong rivals. And as it comes to trucks, 2019 TITAN XD Diesel Single Cab has earned “Commercial Vehicle of Texas” award for a third straight year. In the list of dominating machines there’s also Nissan Smokin’ TITAN, a so-called ultimate tailgating and barbecuing pickup truck that has received “Top Display Vehicle” at this year’s event. Furthermore 2019 TITAN earned a running-up honors in the full-size pickup truck, luxury pickup truck and off-road pickup truck categories.

The event itself, Texas Truck Rodeo, includes numerous on-road and off-road challenges and throughout the years has become one of the most influential and recognizable automobile events in the country. And what was special about this year’s event is that the weather made the challenges even tougher. Sweet!

Source: Nissan