"Four passionate gamers who have burned rubber on the race track through their video game consoles have brought their racing dreams to life at an actual speedway for the eighth installment of the Mustang 10 Unleashed campaign. Ford called upon the gaming community and staged a tournament with the best Need for Speed™ players and determined four gamers that would face the ultimate challenge: racing a real 2010 Ford Mustang. The selected gamers competed against each other in the critically-acclaimed Need for Speed SHIFT™, which includes the new 2010 Ford Mustang. With the help of driving teachers from Fast Lane Racing School, the gamers had the opportunity to learn the in and outs of the actual sport of racing. The whole point of the Mustang Unleashed Campaign is to intersect the passions of our life-long Mustang lovers with their most creative, wildest, most impossible dreams, said Steve Ling, car group marketing manager for Ford Motor Company. This experience is among several other dream Mustang experiences Ford is bringing to life with The 10 Unleashed. Each of the incredible videos can be viewed on www.the2010Mustang.com

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