Ready for SEMA 2011? Do you want to stand out? Check out the Two times SEMA show Best New Product Award Winner - The GloRyderr® Wheel Lights! Light up your Wheels! Fits Cars & Trucks as well. You must take a look at this!

GloRyder® Wheel Lights for cars and trucks replace your old center caps with an aluminum housing containing an advanced, wireless, LED lighting system that showcases your wheels day and night. They cast a brilliant glow on your wheels and give your ride a fresh new look. As you can see from the picture gallery below, it fits perfectly into your muscle car wheels - we have Chargers, Challengers, Camaros, more to come!

This is a remarkable new LED lighting system contained in a custom Aluminum center cap. It has a universal locking system that replaces your center caps and lights up your wheels. It operates automatically using a patented technology. They are photosensitive and motion activated by the movement of your wheels. Now you can showcase your ride day and night!

It's a must have car accessories, SEMA winner! You can Light up your Wheels! Fits Cars & Trucks now, or take a look at the gallery on Read more first! - The Ultimate Blog for American Muscle Cars and Muscle Vehicles