Hello, folks, it’s been a while. A friend of us bought a custom car cover from the guys at http://www.buyautocovers.com and was very happy with his purchase. When he told us about his order, we decided to post an article about these car covers, because nobody wants to leave his ride exposed to the vagaries of the weather.

The sales team spoke with our friend at length about his needs for a cover and they quickly came to a very reasonable choice that factored in his needs and budget. He was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the car cover, and said “It fits like a glove!” What’s more, he even tested its strength, water-resistance in a downpour and was very pleased with the result, because he had bought a high quality product that matched his expectations at a good price. Read more!

The product we are going to review is called Superior Guard™ 5L Car Cover. This cover features 5 layers of virtually impenetrable, waterproof fabric, which is said to offer unmatched protection against elements. What’s more, it includes a soft fleece lining to protect your car's exterior finish. And that’s not everything – this car cover has micro-porous film, which allows superior breathability to prevent rot and mildew, and a patented UV formula for maximum sun and heat protection. This product prevents damage from acid rain, smog, over spray, tree sap, and bird droppings, and even includes non-scratch tie down grommets for added security against high winds with free lock and cable kit. If you are worried where you will keep the cover, when not in use, then you should know that it comes with a free storage pouch and antenna patch. And if you still aren’t sure about purchasing one of these car covers, then keep in mind the 7 years warranty, and the free shipping on all orders above $100. Start protecting your vehicle now.

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