Hyundai team is recognized as Manufacturer of the Year by TopGear!

Posted on 26 November, 2018

Hyundai Motor has been recognized as BBC TopGear Magazine’s Manufacturer of the Year in its latest Awards issue that is already on sale. With tons of engineering solution ideas, advanced technologies and new models, the engineering team surely deserved the prestigious award.

BBC TopGear Magazine highlights Hyundai’s rapid development over the years and marks the diversity and ambitions that the whole team deals with and congratulates Hyundai for its mega-hyped i30N, INOQ and KONA models. And when we think about it, we must admit that such models are not an everyday thing for most of brands. It is true that Hyundai machines have managed to remain strong positions in ratings and events, thanks to team’s dedication to perfection and refinement.

From city cars to traditional and sporty hatches, through large and small SUVs with wide range and choice of drivetrain combustion and hybrid engines with zero emissions and electric and hydrogen power, Hyundai not only offers new technologies, but also reshapes the world of tomorrow! It is always a pleasure to see how people work for their ambitions and deliver even better and better gadgets and do not remain on one position for a long time – as it seems, this is the true spirit of Korean people. Sweet!

Source: Hyundai