Working on your own car at home can be a source of fun and satisfaction. However, without the right safety precautions, a good time can easily turn into a dangerous disaster. Serious injuries and major illnesses are just a few of the effects from working on your car without taking the proper safety precautions. It is important to have the right supplies and follow certain guidelines when tinkering around in your home garage. Keep reading for five must-follow rules designed to keep you safe when you work on your own car.

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Use a Real, Hydraulic Jack

This is not the jack that came in your car’s emergency kit, folks.  By using a garage-quality jack, complete with jack stands, you are almost guaranteed to have a strong, solid barrier between you and the more than 4,000 pound car dangling above you. Also, keep your jack work to concrete pavement, not asphalt. The Harbor Freight Pittsburgh 3 ton Rapid Pump is one of the best out, and you can’t beat the price.

Wear a Respirator

It’s no secret that there are tons of dusts, fumes, vapors, and gases floating around when you work on your car.  Inhaling any of these can lead to coughing or even more serious respiratory problems. Finding a protective respirator is key to keeping your lungs safe from all that gook. 3M respirators which you can buy from a retailer like comes in full-face and half-face designs and are strong and durable enough for repeated use.

Keep the Tools Away From Your Battery

Many battery explosions are the result of tools being left between the battery terminals. No matter what the trend, placing a tool on top of a battery is a dangerous bet, as an unregulated current running through a tool can be very high and cause an internal or external explosion. Try the Craftsman Adjustable Rolling Mechanics Seat with Onboard Tool Tray, so that you can stay comfy and safe at the same time.

Get Some Gloves

Working on your car involves getting your hands dirty, so to speak. However, oil and other solvents can cause serious health problems when they come into prolonged contact with your skin. Mechanix Wear has a great line of gloves for every imaginable situation.

Clean Up Shop

Under the hood is not the only place where you need to remain vigilant. Keep papers and shop rags far away from the work area. Also, be sure you are equipped with all the safety items you will need such as a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. CPR Savers sells a great mechanic first-aid kit that is the perfect all-encompassing safety store for your home garage. DIY car care can save you tons of money and can be a very rewarding hobby.  However, if you do not follow the proper safety rules, at home car repair can be very dangerous, even deadly. Be sure to get as much information as possible and purchase the correct tools and supplies before taking on your own car maintenance.