The crew at Geiger Cars has prepared for us a very special surprise – it has made a stunning refinement for one of the most aggressive vehicles currently on the road – the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. The first striking thing in this vehicle is its poison green exterior color, which was achieved by via foil wrapping. Underneath the hood however, lies the true power of this Beast Edition - the inherent for the Raptor 6.2 -liter engine which was enhanced via high-tech tuning and now produces 572 hp (421 kW) and 712 Nm of torque, in comparison to the production 417 hp and 590 Nm. Next, the tuners did suspension lift of the chassis. Thanks to it the garish green Raptor grew from 1.98 to 2.20 m height, thus delivering the opportunity for even more superior off-road capabilities. In addition, the tuners have added an advanced damping system of the Raptor Fox, which was optimized for all driving situations on and off-road and high loads. The four-seater F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Cab also includes a differential lock and the extensive Luxury package, which comprises of the following elements: electrically adjustable seat ventilation and memory package, dual-zone automatic climate control, high-quality multimedia system, steering column and pedals, an extension of the normally closed cargo area, a leader in the tailgate for easy climbing onto the rear platform, front and rear cameras, xenon headlamps and LED lighting. For plenty of grip on any surface, the team has given this Ford model a high-quality all-terrain tires Toyo Open Country in the dimensions of 37x13.5R22, fitted with10x22’ aluminum rims. As an option the GeigerCars team also offers headlights on the front bar and an LED bar. Source: Geiger Cars