To climb the latters of success in a business you have to have a diverse portfolio of skill sets. Minimal limitations, because in the areas you lack, others will surely find a way to triumph. Furthermore, having versatility in the things your company is capable of doing. Technology they are able to produce, customer satisfaction goals they are able to meet—then the better chances you have at surviving in such a competitive field as the automobile industry. Introducing why Ford Motors is a successful brand and how they’ve yet again exported their talents opposed to keeping the innovation internally in Ford vehicles. They’ve done so with a new surveillance system for police cars that takes precautious action by sounding a chime, locking the doors, and putting the windows up on the police vehicle in the detection of someone approaching the car form the rear. The developer of this super safe system is Ford engineer Randy Freiburger. Another visionary behind the development was Marc Ellison; vice president of operations at Auburn, California based InterMotive Inc, which assisted the process. When in “surveillance mode” backup cameras and sensors can be used while the police car is in park, which we experienced in our test drive at Salt Lake top Ford dealer, Ken Garff. Normally a car has to be in reverse for this to happen. What happens is that the backup cameras send forward an image to the review mirror allowing officers to view what is behind them without moving so much so to alter a culprit. The surveillance system is able to work day or night and officers have the option to turn the feature on or off. Ford’s collaborative partner InterMotive is already talking about upgrades that would make the system even better if accepted. Brake lights that automatically come on when someone is approaching the rear. Although no new systems have been sold, the technology puts itself in great standings to be sold to police departments and possible to customers. As far as pricing go, which is always a major concern, in this case might not be. The stand-alone total is $248.33 where to incorporate this beautiful surveillance mode as part of a package would only be $75 dollars. I know cops complain, but I think they can manage that on a cop’s salary for the benefit of their lives! InterMotive offers additional protective features that include a dimmer for interior lights, a system that turns down the radio when a two-way radio call is in prices, and if a unit does not have back up cameras the system steps forwards with its high tech sensors. I see no flaws in the system, besides it not being mandatory in every vehicle—because it’s that great.