There are several different types of car insurance policy, and it is important that you purchase the correct one. If not then there is a danger that you will not be covered as you might wish, or alternatively it could be costing you too much money. Here is an overviews of the main type of insurance policies that are available.
Third party insurance

Third party insurance is the minimum level of car insurance and it is the type of insurance that the law stipulates you must have if you own a car. Even if you don’t intend to drive it but is does not have a SORN, you still need third party insurance. It covers any damage you might do to property that is not owned by you covers potential compensation payments to anyone who might be injured in an accident involving your vehicle, including your passengers.

Third party fire and theft
Third party fire and theft cover includes third party insurance described above, but it also covers you for loss or damage to your vehicle as a result of it being stolen (including up to a limit its contents) or being in a fire.

Comprehensive insurance
There is a range of policies available if you take a look at Endsleigh car insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers all of the above but it also covers any damage caused to your vehicle in an accident in which you are to blame. It also provides cover to compensate you for injury even it that injury is your fault.

Comprehensive cover is the most expensive though the more years that you can remain claim free, the more your premium is reduced by a no-claim bonus. You do not necessarily lose all of that as an optional no claims bonus protection add-on allows you to keep that bonus or part of it in the event of a claim. Generally for it to apply you will need to have a minimum 4 years no claims discount and if you have more than two claims over three years then you will automatically lose