Maturity was part of 1969, a coming-of-age year for the 1960s. For buyers of muscle cars, it was remembered as the time when graphics, spoilers and scoops showed up everywhere, blossoming into vibrant color and meeting every demand for horsepower. With packages abounding from all manufacturers, there were only 10 1969 Hemi Coronet convertibles built by Dodge in 1969; this is one of four optioned with a 4-speed, and it stickered out at a healthy $4,892.90. This was serious coin in the year of Woodstock and Apollo moon walking. Of those four, this Bright Green Metallic J-Code convertible is the only documented example in existence, today showing just 18,400 miles since new. These attributes outline the exclusivity of this extraordinary Mopar muscle car, but the provenance attained through former stewardship in the esteemed Otis Chandler collection lifts this Hemi Coronet R/T head-and-shoulders above the rest. Otis Chandler, publisher of the Los Angeles Times from 1960-80, spent decades assembling one of the most awe-inspiring car collections in the world. His collection housed only the greatest cars, and this Hemi 4-speed convertible reveals his true devotion for rare, top-notch muscle cars. The Coronet R/T was the upscale traditionalist in the company’s line-up, more powerful than anything from the Chrysler brand and better equipped than all but perhaps the most highly optioned Plymouth GTXs. Still, it was a year of longer sideburns and Peter Max art, and the reflection of those influences are on this car. Built near the end of the model year on May 28, 1969 in St. Louis, the late order allowed one of the newest paint colors, F6 Bright Green Metallic, to cover the body panels; other exterior components were the new twin-scoop Ramcharger fresh-air layout, M46 quarter-panel side scoops, chrome R/T logos, hood pins, remote driver's-side mirror and rear scat stripe. R/T models also all benefited from sill mouldings, belt mouldings, and cast tail panels with associated tail-light bezels that year. A beautiful white convertible top completed the look. 1969 Dodge Hemi Coronet R/T Convertible Interior Power is ol’ King Kong himself, the ’orange monster’ 426 Hemi creating 425 HP. Behind this is the A833 4-speed installed under code D21, which itself was mandated by option A33, the Track Pak, consisting of the 3.54:1 Dana Sure Grip rear and heavy-duty cooling changes. The Rallye dash, A62, put the 150 MPH speedometer in the car along with the optional Tic-Toc-Tach tachometer/clock. This R/T also received premium trim two-tone bucket seats with head rests, the center console with Hurst wood-knob shifter, and rarely seen power windows. An AM/FM solid-state radio completed it; if you wanted to travel in pure Mopar style circa 1969, this was the way. The car rides on chrome 5-spoke wheels with redline tires and is well-known in the Mopar hobby. Formerly part of the Otis Chandler collection and featured in the book, “American Muscle: Muscle Cars from the Otis Chandler Collection” by Randy Leffingwell, this car has rarely changed hands in the last three decades and stands tall today as the only known 4-Speed 1969 Hemi Coronet R/T convertible. Source: